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Last updated: January 21, 2021
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I ball on these hoes and I flex, did it on my own
Lost Her
Brand new Chanels Don't look at the tag, baby
I'm not sure I don't know if it's because my heart hurts or if I'm insecure
In her soul, dark and light fight for the control
But you know I ain't fucking with these hoes no more
Red or purple in a cup, which one shall I pick today?
Armed and Dangerous
Fuck telling stories, I'ma make one
Demons And Angels
They tell me I'ma be a legend, I don't want that title now 'Cause all the legends seem to die out, what the fuck is this 'bout?
Been three weeks, I still haven't met my peak
10 Feet
She love the coke, but not Coca-Cola
End Of The Road
I remember when she left me for the next guy Now she calling me her next guy
I'll Be Fine
Had her in the past, but I will not rewind, yeah
On My Mind
So it's getting hard to drive, anxiety at a stoplight
Up Up And Away
Was a lost cause with some lost love
Life's A Mess
I been hurt but I'm beyond that
Scared Of Love
Follow me through the hell and the storm
She's The One
Up, down, left, right, A, B, cheat codes
Stay High
They say hard work pays off, I've been feeling paid
Hard Work Pays Off
Hate it when you tease Where you think you're goin'? When you comin' back to me?
Make Believe
I'm codeine Cobain, I'ma pour a four
We're perfectly imperfect children
I'ma do the dash, get to the bag, ain't no one as bad as me
Bad Boy
Over ice, I'm freezing
She know that I'm not like those other guys
Eye Contact
The days seem longer as life gets shorter
I found your vibe, and I, and I found my high
Let Me Know
I remember math class, I ain't do shit, I was just Xanned out
Make It Back
Life is a picture and I got all my hands in the frame
Old Me
ride in the Range, ride in the Rover I'm switchin' lanes, losing composure
Jet Lag
I’ll never leave her alone, no way
This is the part where I take all my feelings and hide 'em 'Cause I don't want nobody to hurt me
Wishing Well
First off, tell the girl in my math class I'm rich And you broke, bitch, I had the last laugh
Workin' out my demons, they in better shape
Real Shit
When the moon shines like Ice Road Truckers I look like a villain outta those blockbusters
Sayin' goodbye to bygones, those are bygone
Come & Go
Life is a ocean, demons I've been drownin' out
Bad Energy
'Atta boy, I done turned to a man
Flaws And Sins
Leave this shit in the past, but I want it to last
Lucid Dreams
Something ain't right 'bout the pills but I bought them Something ain't right with my mind so I lost it
Ring Ring
She got a man, I told him, "Come to the moonlight brawl"
Just follow all your dreams and when you reach them, celebrate
Percocets big not little Got white like Malcolm no middle, oh
I don't wanna leave I just wanna be with you
I'm a rockstar lifestyle livin', dirt bike ridin', totin' stainless, I aim big
The Bees Knees
I smoke my dope and I pop my perky
Sticks & Stones (Hurt Me)
Fuck sippin', I'ma down a whole bottle
All Girls Are The Same
She told me that she tryna get closer to Satan She be talkin' to him when she in the matrix
Treat your heart just like a blunt of OG
Hear Me Calling
Repeat it over and over until it's in my brain
Fine China
Hopefully, you see it clear, hopefully, it's HD
Hate Me
You gave me your heart, it was made of plastic
I dive in it like a sailor, I love to nail her Addicted to her paraphernalia, I had to tell her
Get my bread, then I get my head, then I get my closure
Until It's Over
I'm a high guy, kinda fly too
Screw Juice
Haven't been in love in a long while Wait until my next girl finds out
Long Gone
No games, but I XBOX control her
Yacht Club
You on a mission, you wanna see me destroyed
But if it's a problem, bruh gon' come and shoot you from the neck up
Out My Way
Cross my heart, hope to survive That I'ma be the last rich nigga alive
Can't Die
You fightin' through a text using all caps Fuck this, screw that, you sayin' to send you back home
Tell Me U Luv Me
Devil horns on a angel, still haven't learned my lesson
Gotta step out, get some fresh air Posted in the club, saw you pull up with your rebound
Reminds Me Of You
Put a beam on the glizzy, don't get caught between the lines
Hate The Other Side
That's how that go Double cup, get my lean on Double cup, get my lean on
Two Cups
And I brought you 'round momma But you let me down, yeah, you let me drown in drama
My Fault
Goin' in raw, want you to feel me, I'm not playin' around Your heart is my safe house
I Want It
I bet I'll never die again Bullets fly again, Cupid hit his target
Who Shot Cupid?
Sometimes when I'm high, I feel high in reverse
Rich And Blind
Elephant all in the room, she buried me in a tomb
I'm Still
Than who? These niggas And these bitches that think that they get it
Blood On My Jeans
My lady said she saw a baddie in the hotel lobby Well, love, let's fuck her together
Man Of The Year
She tell me I taste just like a lollipop She can't stop lickin' me
Wear your best dress, girl, 'cause you gon' die in it
Used To
Smoking on loud, and that codeine, I sip Pouring up this purple shit until it's in my piss
Black & White
You keep me hope, my antidote
Won't Let Go
Keep a 40, it's hungry I turn your block to a buffet
Realer N Realer
you tell me that you're sad inside I'm sad that I can't satisfy
Drugs in my head, you heard what I said
If I die tell my Momma I'm a stoner
Can't get time back, I been beggin' for it
Numb the pain, take these Percs to the mouth and the nose
I took my demons into the bank of life and I made the biggest deposit
You don't gotta to pay for none of these Perkys, bitch, the pills on us
WRLD On Drugs
Knife on the AK, stab 'em with a gun, ho
Picasso, I paint that, where the fuck is the bank at?
My mama taught me better than that, I'll be honest
Demons in my heart, they destroy me like a vandal
Fighting Demons
White bitch nerdy, her name Susie, uh The bitch head game go stupid, uh
she wanna kick it, she know judo
No Issue
Juice like 2Pac Shakur, no ice tea
Girl, you hate it when I'm too high But that's where I belong, where I belong
Lean Wit Me
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Apr 5, 2021
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