History of the European Union

Can you answer these questions about the history of the European Union?
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Last updated: December 31, 2021
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Who was an author and an enthusiastic advocate for a "United States of Europe", making a speech in its favor in 1849 at the Paris International Peace Congress?
Victor Hugo
Who called for a "United States of Europe" in a 1946 speech?
Winston Churchill
What was the plan proposed by a French foreign minister that would unite the French and West German coal and steel industries?
Schuman Declaration
Who was the first chancellor of West Germany and a founding father of the European union?
Konrad Adenauer
Other than those already mentioned, name another of the eleven founding fathers of the European Union.
Joseph Bech | Johan Beyen | Alcide De Gasperi | Walter Hallstein | Sicco Mansholt | Jean Monnet | Paul-Henri Spaak | Altiero Spinelli
The Inner Six signed the Treaty of Paris in 1951 creating what organization?
European Coal and Steel Community
What is the organization founded in 1952 that is tasked with interpreting European Union law?
European Court of Justice
Where was the treaty, signed by the Inner Six creating the European Economic Community in 1957, signed?
What is the third organisation of the European Communities?
Who was the French President that vetoed the United Kingdom's first application to join the European Communities in 1961?
Charles de Gaulle
Under which Prime Minister did the United Kingdom finally join the European Communities?
Edward Heath
Spain applied to join the European Communities after the death of which dictator?
Francisco Franco
What is the institution, based in Strasbourg, that held elections for its members for the first time in 1979?
European Parliament
What was the agreement signed in 1985 that led to the removal of border checks and a common visa policy?
Schengen Agreement
Which country has taken the longest to join the European Communities, first applying in 1987?
Where was the treaty, which in 1992 created the European Union, signed?
Where is the European Central Bank headquartered?
What was the partially-recognised state that unilaterally adopted the Euro in 2002?
What was the economic downturn that started the Eurozone Crisis?
Great Recession
Which country is the newest member of the European Union?
What is Boris Johnson's first name?
Who is the current president of the European Commission?
Ursula von der Leyen
Level 78
Jan 16, 2022
Any chance you could just accept "Schengen" for "Schengen Agreement?" After I typed that and it wasn't accepted, I concluded I was on the wrong track (i.e.: that there was an earlier precedent to the Schengen Agreement) and tried guessing other things before giving up.
Level 65
Jan 16, 2022
Can you please add some more type-ins? I types in Parliament (for EU Parliament) but it didn't accept. Also I typed ECSC for European Coal and Steel Community and nothing happend. And Schengen should be accepted as a type in!
Level 63
Jan 16, 2022
Seconded. I also wasn't able to finish the quiz even though I knew most answers.
Level 62
Jan 16, 2022
I enjoyed the quiz, but I thought asking about Boris Johnson's first name in a quiz about the history of the European Union was a bit odd - we left the EU (just shy of) two years ago, and it's not like he was ever one of its key figures; his only real contribution was taking us out 😂 but with no other context, I think it seems a bit out of place.

On that note, I was also surprised that there were no questions about Brexit. Regardless of your allegiances, the UK being the first country to leave the EU is one of the most momentous events in the bloc's history.

And just to reiterate what mrputter and Barry90 have said, some more acceptable type-ins would make this quiz even better. Aside from the aforementioned, "ECJ" for the European Court of Justice and just "Recession" for the Great Recession would be the ones I'd add in.

But other than that, like I said, a nice quiz!