Biology Vocabulary

For each hint, give the answer, or term, related to biology.
I sincerely apologize for the difficulty of the last one.
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Last updated: July 15, 2016
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Groups of Biology Related Things
Biology Related Question
What system are scientific names derived with?
Binomial Nomenclature
Which scientist developed the above?
Carl Linnaeus
What is the scientific name for humans?
Homo Sapiens
Which molecule, inside every cell, holds instructions for protein synthesis?
Deoxyribonucleic Acid
   Where is the above located in a cell?
   What is the molecule that actually carries that information out of the nucleus?
Ribonucleic Acid
Which scientist developed the theory of heredity?
Gregor Mendel
What did they experiment on to form their theory?
Pea plants
What do we call organisms in danger of dying out in the near future?
What do we call organisms that have already died out?
Which famous organisms once ruled the earth, but were wiped out 65mya?
Which flightless bird once resided on Mauritius, but were all killed as easy prey?
Dodo birds
What is a fertilized egg called?
Which organisms produce both sperm and egg?
Level 65
Jul 14, 2016
On a technical level, Homo Sapiens Sapiens (doubly-wise men)
Level 69
Dec 30, 2018
I was soooo glad to FINALLY see a quiz where they answer wasnt homo sapien (without the s) . As long as it is atleast a little wise, I ll take it!
Level 35
Aug 7, 2016
linnaeus went by carolus linnaeus (once he latinized his name).

However, his name prior to that was Carl Linn. You should pick one format or the other. Also for the questions with the answer peas you should re-word it to be clear that you are referring to the scientist in the question above.

Level 69
Dec 30, 2018
Was clear to me since the questions are in a set order. (and funny to remember a fact like this while I probably have forgotten a lot of things I was actually taught, the peas thing is something you pick up)
Level 69
Dec 30, 2018
funghi wasnt accepted. Allways thought that was the way it was written, I guess maybe it is italian, cause the pizzas are funghi if, i am not mistaken ( and whaddaya know, the interesting fact shown above the comments is about pizza's ! #161)

Really thought it was written that way in english aswell, as you tend to stick an "h" into everything.

Level 69
Dec 30, 2018
On another note, nomeclature without the binomial wasnt accepted. Is that necessary? ( unless I ve unknowingly made a typo). I was so proud I knew that word :) Though I blanked on domain class and order..
Level 88
Mar 1, 2023
Well you’ve spelt it wrong in your comment, but it probably just needs a type-in - I also typed “binomial” and “hermaphrodite” to no avail. Good quiz though, I’d have got them all if I’d known what Taxon meant…
Level 51
May 18, 2019
Really good quiz I enjoyed a lot, although i feel a bit nitpicky; but shouldn't it be Homo sapiens (not capitalised the species)?
Level 26
May 2, 2022
i dissapointed myself so badly, how did i not get hermaphordrites? o ye i mispleted it. i mispelt evrything.
Level 28
Sep 28, 2022
i though ribosomes were protein synthesis and dna held the genetic info
Level 43
Jan 1, 2024
can you please add garden pea/edible pea for pea plants? amazing quiz
Level 72
Mar 13, 2024
Please accept the singular "Hermaphrodite"