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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Aficionado.
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6162022-10-17Old City of Jerusalem on a Map
5162022-06-11Provinces and Territories of British India on a Map
3532022-06-01Indian States and Union Territories by Emojis
2062023-01-14Ländernamen in Latein
1332022-03-29Spices by Picture Quiz
982021-10-26Bihar - State Quiz
932021-10-25Assam - State Quiz
682021-10-22Andhra Pradesh - State Quiz
652022-02-05Gujarat - State Quiz
522022-12-21Country Names in Latin
502021-09-18Hogwarts Houses Quiz
482021-08-23Indian Cities by Nicknames
462022-02-14Provinzen und Territorien von Britisch-Indiens auf einer Karte
432021-09-30Colours in Hindi
352022-08-09The Indian English Quiz
352021-09-29Country Names in Hindi
332021-08-10Name the Indian Authors and Poets #1
322021-11-21Goa - State Quiz
292022-01-08The Rivers of Punjab
282021-12-26Cricket Teams by Nickname
242022-02-02Country Names in Hindi #2
242023-02-01Fruit and Vegetable Flowers by Picture
232022-11-14Haryana - State Quiz
222021-10-29Seven Islands of Bombay on a Map
212021-08-12Name the Indian Authors and Poets #2
202022-10-24Heads of State and Government of Indian Origin
192021-11-02Chhattisgarh - State Quiz
182021-10-21Presidents of India
182021-10-22Arunachal Pradesh - State Quiz
112021-09-05Indische Staaten und Unionsterritorien nach Emojis
92021-08-15Name the Indian Authors and Poets #3
92022-06-14ODI Cricket Records
82021-10-17एशिया मानचित्र प्रश्नोत्तरी
72023-08-03Random Naval Ensigns and Jacks
22021-10-20यूरोप मानचित्र प्रश्नोत्तरी
22021-11-01अफ़्रीका मानचित्र प्रश्नोत्तरी