The Indian English Quiz

Guess the answers to these questions pertaining to Indian English.
Some answers may pertain to all of South Asia
Quiz by Aficionado
Last updated: August 9, 2022
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First submittedDecember 21, 2021
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1. Where do you go to refill your vehicle's fuel tank?
Gas station
Service station
Petrol pump
Gas station and service station are used in North America, servo in Australia and petrol pump is used all over South Asia and elsewhere in the Commonwealth
2. What is the storage compartment at the rear of a car is known as?
Dicky or diggy is also used
3. What is this vegetable known as? 🍆
Purple plant
Both brinjal and aubergine are ultimately derived from Malayalam and Tamil word varuntunai
4. Where do you go to watch a movie/film?
Film centre
Cinema hall
Though theatre is gaining popularity, cinema hall (and rarely hall) is still the most common word used to describe the place
5. Which of the following word is of non-Indian origin?
Safari comes from Arabic, while all the others come from Hindi/Urdu
6. A raised path for the pedestrians (and sometimes cycles) along the edges of a road
All are correct
7. What does the phrase "to pass out" mean?
Become unconscious
To graduate from a school or college
To hallucinate
To die
To pass out literally means to graduate from a school or college scoring sufficiently enough to not fail
8. What does the Hinglish word "yaar" mean?
Slang for yes
The number four
Yaar is derived from Hindi यार meaning friend and is a gender-neutral term used to refer to a close friend
9. What's the most likely reply to the question "How are you?" no matter how the person is feeling?
I am good.
I am fine.
I am alright.
I am fine is literally used across every non-English speaking country
10. Which of the following is not an Indian colloquialism?
Do the needful
What is your good name?
Fall my hand
Fall my hand is a Nigerian phrase used when someone is disappointed
Level 65
Dec 22, 2021
WHAT? I got only 7? indian social credit points go to 0

Lol my English is a mix of British, American, and Indian, so that's probably why I was confused on a few.

But great quiz! #IndianEnglishIsTheBestEnglish

whoops i made another hashtag

Level 73
Dec 22, 2021
I think mine is mostly a mix of Indian and British with some American influence here and there. When writing by hands, I always use American spellings while here on JetPunk, I use British English. My pronunciation too is a bit too British-esque? I don't really pronounce the Rs and some other quirks which are undoubtedly British.
Level 65
Dec 22, 2021
Indian English could actually be a good blog topic...
Level 43
Dec 25, 2021
Level 43
Dec 25, 2021
Good for you. I got 4 -_-
Level 71
Dec 22, 2021
Haha, love this quiz! Even though the vast majority of my English is American, I think I've picked up a few Indian-style phrases from my parents (English in Bangladesh is essentially the same as Indian English). We also do a lot of code-switching in my family--so like, instead of speaking pure English or pure Bangla, we'll switch back and forth between the two, sometimes multiple times in the same sentence!
Level 65
Dec 22, 2021
నేను also అలా talk చేస్తాను all the time తెలుగు and English లో!
Level 73
Dec 22, 2021
Yeah, same here. I speak Hindi for most of the time however some English creeps into my mouth.
Level 43
Dec 25, 2021
4. I’m actually happy of this result. I thought I would do worst lol. Now I wanna see if you ace the Brazilian Portuguese 😎🦹‍♀️
Level 73
Dec 25, 2021
Nice score! I don't know any Portuguese but I would definitely give it a try unless the questions are in Portuguese too. 😅
Level 43
Dec 26, 2021
No. The questions would be in Telugu 😰
Level 65
Dec 26, 2021
Quiz: English

Topic: Portuguese

Questions: Telugu

Answers: Hindi

Explanations: Bulgarian

naku cheyalanundi kani evaru telugu lo quizlu cheyaru

Level 73
Dec 26, 2021
No worries, I have the auto-translate feature turned on. 😎