Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) Characters

Type in the names of the characters in Attack on Titan as of the end of Season 4 Part 1 (spoilers)
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Last updated: April 7, 2021
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Main character
Eren Yeager
Main character's adopted sister
Mikasa Ackerman
Main character's childhood friend
Armin Arlert
Main characters's mom
Carla Yeager
Main character's dad
Grisha Yeager
Armored titan
Reiner Braun
Colossal titan
Bertolt Hoover
Female titan
Annie Leonhart
Beast titan
Zeke Yeager
Cart titan
Pieck Finger
Jaw titan
Porco Galliard
Warhammer titan
Lara Tybur
Warhammer titan's brother
Willy Tybur
Potato girl
Sasha Braus
Doesn't like main character, member of the Survey Corps
Jean Kirstein
Survey Corps member from Ragako
Connie Springer
Bitten in half by a titan, friends with Survey Corps members
Marco Bodt
Humanity's strongest soldier
Levi Ackerman
Humanity's second strongest soldier
Mike Zacharias
Titan-obsessed scientist
Hange Zoe
13th commander of the Survey Corps
Erwin Smith
Current Queen of the walls
Historia Reiss
Queen's former best friend
First person to obtain the power of the titans
Ymir Fritz
Garrison's former chief official, old guy
Dot Pixis
Father of the current Queen, wanted to reclaim the Founding Titan
Rod Reiss
Current Queen's half sister, last holder of the Founding Titan
Frieda Reiss
Member of Levi Squad, looks older than the rest
Oruo Bozad
Member of Levi Squad, red-haired
Petra Ral
Member of Levi Squad, long blonde hair
Eld Gin
Member of Levi Squad, brown hair
Gunther Schultz
Saved main character from first titan attack
Head instructor of the Military Survey Corps
Keith Shadis
Humanity's strongest soldier's uncle
Kenny Ackerman
Team leader of Squad Rico
Rico Brzenska
First wife of main character's dad, smiling titan
Dina Fritz
The Owl
Eren Kruger
Girl who killed Potato Girl
Gabi Braun
Friend of that girl
Falco Grice
Warrior candidate
Warrior candidate
Ambassador of Hizuru, allied with the Eldians
Kiyomi Azumabito
One of the main Yeagerists
Floch Forster
Leader of anti-Marleyan volunteers
Dark-skinned anti-Marleyan volunteer
Chef for Eldian military
Former holder of the Jaw Titan
Marcel Galliard
Former holder of Beast Titan
Tom Ksaver
Was supposed to be the next holder of the Beast Titan
Colt Grice
General of the Marleyan military
Theo Magath
Graduate of 104th Training Corps, blonde hair, eaten by a titan
Thomas Wagner
Graduate of 104th Training Corps, black hair, eaten by a titan
Mina Carolina
General of the Survey Corps, the Garrison, and the Military Police
Darius Zackly
Survey Corps recruit, shot and killed during the Raid on Liberio
Saved by Potato Girl as a young child
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