Quizzes by Syhill

A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Syhill.
# of Quizzes 82
# Subscribers 17
Times taken 33,165
Quizmaker Rank # 911
11,5242023-05-08World Map Minesweeper Randomized (Expert)
7,9182022-12-11U.S. Map Minesweeper Randomized (Expert)
1,6332022-07-21Country Connect by Proximity
1,0722022-08-14World Map Country Minesweeper Puzzle [In Testing]
9602022-11-26Map Minesweeper Tutorial
8052023-01-26Countries with Most Letters A-Z
6812022-12-11World Map Minesweeper Randomized (Beginner)
5222022-12-11Eurasia Map Minesweeper Randomized
5052022-11-21Countries with Letters Missing EXTREME
5012022-12-11World Map Minesweeper Randomized (Intermediate)
3902022-12-11U.S. Map Minesweeper Randomized (Beginner)
3632022-08-20Random Country Shapes are Overlapped
2962022-12-11Africa Map Minesweeper Randomized
2812023-01-27Tour America in 30 Seconds
2802022-12-11U.S. Map Minesweeper Randomized (Intermediate)
2762021-05-06Random First-Level Subdivisions of the World Are Missing
2762023-04-30Jetpunk but it"s a Playable Game
2472022-12-11Americas Map Minesweeper Randomized
2362022-06-21Trace the Border of Russia
2192022-07-18U.S. Map Word Search
2132023-04-16Color the US Map with 4 Colors Puzzle
1992023-01-01World Map Colored as a Flag #1
1892022-07-15World Map Light Puzzle Randomized
1722022-11-28Flipped Country Shapes (Random)
1612023-01-01World Map Colored as a Flag #2
1482022-06-21Trace the Border of China
1462021-04-15Random Countries Slowly Disappear
1262022-12-15Name a Country with 4 to 32 Letters
1252022-08-19Random Country Shapes are Overlapped (not scaled)
1232023-01-01World Map Colored as a Flag #3
1052022-03-14World Map Countries are Slowly Disappearing
1032021-05-10World Map Countries by Elevation
972022-11-12U.S. Map Shaped Crossword
942022-12-12Guess Countries in the Shape of a Mystery Country #3
942022-03-13World Map without 20 Random Countries excluding Landlocked Countries
932022-06-22Trace the Border of Brazil
872022-05-31Random World Map Borders are Flipped
862022-03-17World Map Countries are Slowly Disappearing (Reverse Order)
862021-03-25World Map with 12 Fake Islands
832022-12-11Guess Countries in the Shape of a Mystery Country #1
812022-07-18U.S. Map Word Search - Countries
762023-01-23Countries with Most As - Zs
752023-01-09Tic Tac Toe Country Puzzle
702023-01-01Guess Countries on the Target #1
662023-01-04Wordle Continents
612023-01-01Guess Countries on the Target #3
562023-01-01Guess Countries on the Target #2
552023-01-05Wordle Continents #2
522022-12-11Guess Countries in the Shape of a Mystery Country #2
512022-02-19Guess Country by Satellite View (Europe)
502022-10-11Country Connect by Last Two Neighbors
502022-12-15Guess Countries in the Shape of a Mystery Country #7
492022-12-11Guess Countries in the Shape of a Mystery Country #4
482022-12-11Guess Countries in the Shape of a Mystery Country #6
452022-11-04Countries by Shared Letters
452021-04-18Random Capitals are Missing
422022-07-16Closest Countries Beginning with the Same Letter
412023-01-01Guess Countries on the Target #5
412023-01-01Guess Countries on the Target #4
402022-12-11Guess Countries in the Shape of a Mystery Country #5
392022-07-16Countries of the World Quiz (Hard Version)
362023-04-24U.S. Map but It's a Sudoku
362021-03-02World Map Countries by Popularity in Other Countries
352022-06-22World Countries Quiz but the Map is Spinning (Horizontally)
332022-06-20Countries Closest to Honduras
322022-09-06Random Straight Borders
322023-05-01Countries with the Same Set of Consonants
322022-07-14Countries Closest to Guyana
312022-12-13Guess Countries in the Shape of a Mystery Country #9
312022-12-12Guess Countries in the Shape of a Mystery Country #8
292022-06-17Countries Closest to Peru
242022-09-06Flags by their Colors
242022-02-26Countries with a higher GDP than their Neighbours
232022-10-18Find Every Country in 196 seconds
222023-01-26Flipped Country Shapes #1
212022-11-06Countries Most in Debt to China
212023-01-09Guess the Vortex on the World Map #1
192021-03-2920 Random Simplified Countries
192022-06-17Countries Closest to Namibia
92021-03-2920 Random Countries are Shifted
62021-04-18Random Capitals are Shifted
22021-04-18Random Capitals are Fake