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1342022-04-101-30 in 15 seconds
612022-01-08British Empire Quiz
532022-04-30What Peoples lived at Great Britain after the Anglo-Saxons Settled
512022-04-131-100 in 50 Seconds
502022-01-06Countries with Empires that only had one Country in their Empire
502023-05-11All Words in All Country Names
482022-05-28Countries that colonised Africa
442022-06-12European Countries that colonised USA
412022-06-19Countries with vowels missing
382022-04-08US Cities - 1 Million
362022-05-29European Countries that colonised the Indian Subcontinent
352022-06-03Interesting Geography Questions
332022-05-28Countries which Conquered Oceania
322022-04-18Towns in Northumberland
322022-01-06Landlocked Countries
292022-04-04Circulating Coins and Notes in UK
292022-07-28Roman Numerals 2
282022-06-19Unrecognized Countries
282022-06-27"Alp" Countries
272022-07-18Roman Empire Countries and Countries in Expeditions
262022-04-20Towns in County Durham
252022-01-08Countries with bases or claims in Antarctica
252022-06-12Former Names of Places
242022-02-25Counties in the UK that have lost land to South Yorkshire
242022-01-06World Cities-2
242022-01-23Stadts in Germany starting with A
232022-05-15Towns in Cornwall
232022-05-28Countries in Austrian Empire(s)
212022-07-18USA Presidents in 2:00
212022-04-02British Coins and Notes 1900-1971
212022-01-10British Empire quiz 2
162022-07-26Roman Numerals
152022-04-10Yakko's World Places
152022-04-02Towns in Britain that have Cathedrals and Cities in Britain that don't
152023-02-18British Empire Quiz 3
122022-05-20Every City in the World 1
112022-05-04Full Names of some Places in Britain
82022-04-14Former cities in British Isles and British Empires
82022-04-10Largest and Smallest
82022-02-05Places on the Ure and Ouse Rivers
72022-04-15British Empire Quiz 4
72022-04-14Ethiopia Months
72022-01-09This teaches you!
62022-03-07What is the smallest city in Iran with a recorded population
62022-05-31Galaxies in Super Mario Galaxy
62022-03-11Places in Senegal further east than Mauritania
62022-04-10What is it on the Coat of Arms?
62022-05-15Places in Yorkshire outside its 8 parts
52022-07-18Places effected by Mount Vesuvius's eruption in 79 AD
52023-02-17Anglo-Saxon Monarchs
52022-04-19Towns in Rutland
52021-02-15Countries beginning with Z
42022-04-19Towns in Huntingdonshire
42022-11-27UK and Saint Pierre and Miquelon
32022-03-115 Closest places to...
32022-01-08County Tops
22022-02-02Places in Yorkshire further east than Flamborough Head
22022-02-05Places that border the Humber
22023-02-27Important Places (pre-1066 England) in Old English
12022-02-02Places with more than 30 Letters!
12022-04-20All Islands of the Galapagos Archipelago
12023-04-13Around the Border of British Occupied Europe (WWII)