All minecraft advancements 1.20

Can you remember all the minecraft 1.20 Java advancements with the help of some hints? I used the Minecraft wiki fandom to get the answers.
Quiz by Rafraf
Last updated: July 22, 2023
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Start a new world.
Get cobblestone.
Stone age
Get a better pickaxe.
Getting an upgrade
Obtain iron.
Acquire hardware
Put on a piece of iron armor.
Suit up
Collect lava with a bucket.
Hot stuff
Get an iron pickaxe.
Isn't it iron pick
Use a shield to block a projectile.
Not today, thank you
Obtain obsidian.
Ice bucket challenge
Get a diamond.
Make a nether portal and go through it.
We need to go deeper
Put on any piece of diamond armor.
Cover me with diamonds
Enchant something using the
enchanting table.
Use a golden apple and a weakness
potion to turn a zombie villager
back to normal.
Zombie doctor
Follow an eye of ender into a stronghold.
Eye spy
Fill an end portal with eyes of ender and
jump in.
The end?
Hit a ghast's fireball back at it.
Return to sender
Enter a bastion remnant.
Those were the days
Obtain a block of aincent debris.
Hidden in the depths
Travel a total of 7000 blocks in the overworld
by using nether portals.
Subspace bubble
Enter a nether fortress.
A terrible fortress
Obtain crying obsidian.
Who is cutting onions?
Distract an angry piglin with some
gold ingots.
Oh shiny
Put a saddle on a strider and ride on it
with a warped fungus on a stick.
This boat has legs
Bring a ghast to the overworld and kill it.
Uneasy alliance
Loot a chest inside of a bastion remnant.
War pigs
Use a compass on a lodestone.
Country lode,
take me home
Get a full set of netherite armor.
Cover me in debris
Obtain a wither skeleton skull.
Spooky scary skeleton
Get a blaze rod.
Into fire
Use some glowstone on a respawn anchor
and set your spawn in the nether,.
Not quite "nine" lives
Ride a strider over 50 blocks of
lava in the overworld.
Feels like home
Visit every biome in the nether.
Hot tourist destinations
Put three wither skeleton skulls on four
soul sand blocks in a t-shape and
spawn the wither.
Withering heights
Brew a potion on a brewing stand.
Local brewery
Build a beacon, place it on at least a 3x3
square of ore blocks and activate it.
Bring home the beacon
Get all of the potion effects at once.
A furious cocktail
Build a max-sized pyramid under a
beacon and gain it's full power.
Have every single effect on you at
the same time.
How did we get here?
Kill the ender dragon.
Free the end
Obtain the dragon egg.
The next generation
Get into an end gateway and travel
to the end islands.
Remote getaway
Use four end crystals to respawn
the ender dragon.
The end... Again...
Collect some of the ender
dragon's breath in a bottle.
You need a mint
Explore the end islands and
enter an end city.
The city at the end
of the game
Use an elytra to glide.
Sky's the limit
Levitate 50 blocks into the air from
shulker bullets.
Great view from up there
Kill a pillager captain and get the bad
omen effect.
Voluntary exile
Look at a parrot through a spyglass.
Is it a bird?
Kill any hostile mob.
Monster hunter
Trade with a villager.
What a deal!
Break your fall by sliding on the
side of a honey block.
Sticky situation
Shoot a crossbow.
Ol' betsy
Attract a bolt of lightning with a lightning
rod in a village.
Surge protector
Fall all the way from build height to the
lowest bedrock layer without dying.
Caves & Cliffs
Sneak past a sculk sensor without
alerting it.
Sneak 100
Sleep in a bed.
Sweet dreams
Defeat a raid.
Hero of the village
Look at a ghast through a spyglass.
Is it a balloon?
Use a brush on suspicious sand or gravel
and uncover its treasure.
Respecting the remnants
Craft a decorated pot.
Careful restoration
Get a trident and throw it.
A throwaway joke
Make sculk spread by killing a mob
near a sculk catalyst.
It spreads
Shoot an arrow and hit any entity.
Take aim
Kill one of every hostile mob.
Monsters hunted
Avoid death by holding a totem of undying.
Build an iron golem.
Hired help
Trade with a villager at build height.
Star trader
Kill two phantoms with one pearcing
arrow from a crossbow.
Two birds, one arrow
Kill a pillager with a crossbow.
Who's the pillager now?
Kill five different mobs in one crossbow shot.
Visit all the existing overworld biomes.
Adventuring time
Use a jukebox in the meadow biome.
Sound of music
Walk over powdered snow with leather
boots on.
Light as a rabbit
Look at the ender dragon through a spyglass.
Is it a plane?
Hit a villager with lightning by using a
channeling trident.
Very very frightening
Kill a skeleton with an arrow from at
least 50 blocks away.
Sniper duel
Hit the bullseye of a target block from at
least 30 blocks away.
Use a campfire to collect honey from a beehive
without angering the bees.
Bee our guest
Find a sniffer egg.
Smells interesting
Feed a snifflet (a baby sniffer).
Little sniffs
Plant a seed dug up by a sniffer.
Planting the past
Trim your armor on the smithing table.
Crafting a new look
Apply all 8 different armor trims to some
armor pieces.
Smithing with style
Breed two animals together.
The parrots and the bats
Have an allay drop an item at you.
You've got a friend in me
Find a goat, place down a boat
and get in the boat with the goat.
Whatever floats your goat!
Tame any tameable animal.
Best friends forever
Make a sign glow by using a glow ink sac.
Glow and behold
Catch a fish with a fishing rod.
Fishy business
Catch a fish with a bucket.
Tactical fishing
Move a full bee nest with a silk touch tool.
Total beelocation
Catch a tadpole in a bucket.
Bukkit bukkit
Plant a seed.
A seedy place
Apply a honeycomb onto a copper
block to wax it.
Wax on
Remove the wax from a copper block
with an axe.
Wax off
Get all the breedable mobs to
have babies.
Two by two
Make an allay drop a cake at a note block.
Birthday song
Find and tame all the 11 cat types.
A complete catalogue
Get all 3 frog variants on a lead.
When the squad
hops into town
Eat every single eatable item.
A balanced diet
Make a netherite hoe.
Serious dedication
Catch an axolotl in a bucket.
The cutest predator
Obtain all the different froglights.
With our powers combined
Help an axolotl kill a mob and gain
the regeneration effect.
The healing power of
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