Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Quiz

Answer the questions. I will do a quiz on every Harry Potter book.
Quiz by MusclesMan
Last updated: March 17, 2021
First submittedMarch 17, 2021
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1. Who challenges Harry to a duel?
Seamus Finnigan
Hermione Granger
Draco Malfoy
Gregory Goyle
2. What kind of dragon did Hagrid have?
Norwegian Ridgeback Dragon
Hungarian Horntail
Chinese Fireball
Swedish Short-Snout
3. What was the Dragon named? (In the first volume not the dragon's later name)
4. What is the name of the mirror Harry could see his parents in?
The Mirror of Joy
The Mirror of Jade
The Mirror of Pertwell
The Mirror of Erised
5. Which House did Harry, Hermione, and Ron get placed in?
6. Who is Harry's least favorite teacher?
Professor Flitwick
Professor Sprout
Professor Snape
Professor McGonagall
7. At first, who did Harry think tried to steal the Sorcerer's Stone?
Professor Dumbledore
Professor Snape
Vincent Crabbe
Lucius Malfoy
8. What is Quidditch?
Dueling with wands
A race but on broomsticks
An event to show which team can do the most impressive spell
A game where you ride on broomsticks and try to score goals with a ball
9. What position in Quidditch does Harry play on?
10. How did Hermione stop the person who was sabotaging Harry's Quidditch game?
She stomped on the person's robes and made them trip
She used her wand to transfigure the person to a frog
She tugged on their hair
She used her wand to set fire to their robes
11. Who tried to steal the Sorcerer's Stone?
Professor Snape
Professor Dumbledore
Professor Quirrell
Neville Longbottom
12. How did the person who opened the chamber of secrets hide Voldemort on his head?
With a cap
With a beanie
With a turban
With a beret
Level 43
Sep 15, 2022
Question 10 should be changed--

The person sabotaging the match is Professor Quirrell, but Hermione sets fire to Professor Snape's cloak.

Hermione thinks that Professor Snape is sabotaging it (really he is trying to save Harry).

In the book, on her way to Snape, she knocks Quirrell over.

In the movie, as far as I remember, Snape knocks him over when trying to put out the fire.

The result remains the same for the movie or the book though--Hermione did not set fire to the cloak of the person who was sabotaging the broom.

Level 35
Sep 23, 2022