Fallout 3 Locations

A quiz on all 163 marked locations in Fallout 3
Quiz by LicenseToKILL52
Last updated: April 14, 2021
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A deserted fortification constructed of wrecked cars on top of a highway.
Abandoned Car Fort
A home of an old woman violinist who broadcasts her music.
Agatha's House
An abandoned two-story hotel and conference center.
Alexandria Arms
Where the player will be ambushed by Talon Company mercs or Regulators.
Anacostia Crossing
An underground building with a bronze monument commemorating battles.
Anchorage Memorial
A small town with a very dark secret regarding their food supply.
The hideout of the villain in "The Superhuman Gambit" quest.
AntAgonizer Lair
Settlement located on top of a crumbling overpass bridge. Tied to the quest "Blood Ties".
The upper section of the graveyard in a Washington D.C. District.
Arlington Cemetery North
The lower section of the graveyard in a Washington D.C. District.
Arlington Cemetery South
Library with a standoff between Brotherhood soldiers and raiders. (where you sell pre-war books)
Arlington Library
Two office buildings with a walkway connecting them. Filled with raiders.
Bethesda Ruins
Settlement of teenagers that are former residents of a children-only settlement, and is under threat from super mutants
Big Town
Broadcast tower on a hill.
Broadcast Tower KB5
Broadcast tower guarded by super mutants.
Broadcast Tower KT8
Broadcast tower surrounded by a metal fence.
Broadcast Tower LP8
Small town founded by Uncle Roe and his sister Daisy as a trading center for caravan merchants. Also the fighting grounds between a hero and a villain.
Canterbury Commons
Building that held the legislative branch of the federal government of the United States. When discovered, it is a battle site between super mutants, Talon Company and later, the Enclave.
The Capitol Building
A ruined two-story building occupied by raiders.
Charnel House
A ruined farm with an old grain silo that is occupied by raiders.
Chaste Acres Dairy Farm
A section of Washington D.C., located in the east part of the city.
Chevy Chase East
A section of Washington D.C., located in the north part of the city.
Chevy Chase North
A ruined motor company office building located on the outskirts of Washington D.C.
Chryslus Building
The heavily defended headquarters of the Brotherhood of Steel.
The Citadel
A large cavern inhabited by raiders and yao guai.
Cliffside Cavern
A camp populated by super mutants. It consists of two shacks.
Clifftop Shacks
A facility that manufactured a line of car models in pre-war USA. It's now inhabited by giant ants.
Corvega Factory
A cave maze inhabited by deathclaws.
Deathclaw Sanctuary
A ruined church inhabited by the Drifter.
Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel
A small, collapsed bridge, running over a gorge with a small irradiated creek.
Drowned Devil's Crossing
A pre-War hotel inhabited by a drunken womanizer.
Dukov's Place
The southwestern-most structure and a 'Haunted house' location designed to scare the player.
Dunwich Building
The east section of a circle located in the northern part of the urban D.C. area.
Dupont East
The northeast section of a circle located in the northern part of the urban D.C. area.
Dupont Northeast
The station of a metro line located in a circle in the northern part of the urban D.C. area.
Dupont Station
The west section of a circle located in the northern part of the urban D.C. area.
Dupont West
An overgrown campground that has a bunch of camper trailers and probably a few raiders.
Everglow National Campground
Consists of five buildings which presumably made up a steel mill before the Great War.
Evergreen Mills
Campground that contains the schematic for the Deathclaw Gauntlet.
F. Scott Key Trail & Campground
Contains a several destroyed houses with nothing more than beds to sleep on.
Faded Pomp Estates
The destroyed shops and dwellings of a town in the Capital Wasteland that is inhabited by raiders.
Fairfax Ruins
An eastern part of a city in the Washington, D.C. area.
Falls Church East
A metro station in a city in the Washington, D.C. area.
Falls Church Metro
An northern part of a city in the Washington, D.C. area.
Falls Church North
A metro station tied to the "Wasteland Survival Guide" quest.
Farragut West Metro Station
A small Raiders camp that has a group of 4 trucks and trailers in a circle.
Five Axles Rest Stop
A metro that is infested with mirelurks and is one of the darker metro's in the game.
Flooded Metro
A second location that shares the characteristics and name as the one above.
Flooded Metro
a still standing baseball field occupied by raiders.
Fordham Flash Memorial Field
The main headquarters of Talon Corporation.
Fort Bannister
A missile launch facility tied to the "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head" quest.
Fort Constantine
The headquarters of the Brotherhood Outcasts
Fort Independence
A large apartment complex/metro station in the northern outskirts of Washington, D.C.
Friendship Heights
Home of the most popular radio station across the wasteland and it's host Three Dog.
GNR Building Plaza
A eastern section of a real neighborhood located in Washington D.C.
Georgetown East
A northern section of a real neighborhood located in Washington D.C.
Georgetown North
A southern section of a real neighborhood located in Washington D.C.
Georgetown South
A western section of a real neighborhood located in Washington D.C.
Georgetown West
A former police headquarters that is now under the control of super mutants. (Where Red and Shorty are held captive)
Germantown Police HQ
A tiny settlement with only two inhabitants, a brahmin, and an awesome Nuka-Cola collection. Tied to "The Nuka-Cola Challenge" quest.
A community that was ravaged fire ants. Tied to the "Those!" quest.
One of the largest radioactive areas in the Capital Wasteland. It is inhabited mainly by various mutated creatures including yao guai, radscorpions and radroaches.
Greener Pastures Disposal Site
A pre-war restaurant that is a raider base with nice loot and traps.
Grisly Diner
A graveyard and church inhabited by super mutants.
Hallowed Moors Cementary
A nice, quiet, out-of-the-way cave system, except for the resident radscorpions.
Hamilton's Hideaway
An old printing factory for a popular chain comic store. Inhabited by Mad Johnny Wes.
Hubris Comics
Part of the Blue Line Metro system that is heavily occupied with feral ghouls.
Irradiated Metro
A radioactive waste disposal area.
Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal
The home of Project Purity and a key location to the main story.
Jefferson Memorial
An isolated, single shack in the southwest of the Capital Wasteland.
Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop
A partially destroyed Blue Line metro station.
Jury Street Metro Station
A burned down house that is used as a hangout by raiders.
Kaelyn's Bed & Breakfast
A public square in Washington D.C. with a pyramid in the center.
L'Enfant Plaza
The area to the south of the area above that shares a similar name.
L'Enfant South
Famous location where a settlement can be set up, with the help of Hannibal Hamlin. Tied to the quest, "Head of State".
Lincoln Memorial
A pre-War underground cavern tourist attraction made into a settlement run by children.
Little Lamplight
Power station that is now home to a small raider scavenger team under Torcher’s leadership.
MDPL Mass Relay Station
Power station found on the fault-block mountain in the far reaches of the northwest corner of the map.
MDPL-05 Power Station
A large derelict power station in the mid-northeastern portion of the map.
MDPL-13 Power Station
A power station located in the upper-northeast part of the map.
MDPL-16 Power Station
A power station located in the central northern section of the map.
MDPL-21 Power Station
The northeast section of a former national park that connects several important buildings and subway systems together. Inhabited by many super mutants.
The Mall Northeast
The northwest section of a former national park that connects several important buildings and subway systems together. Inhabited by many super mutants.
Mall Northwest
The southwest section of the former national park above.
Mall Southwest
A food processing plant patrolled by several Chinese remnant soldiers.
Mama Dolce's
One of the metro tunnel stations on the Blue Line, and is the source of the fire ants in the quest, "Those!"
Marigold Station
West of the Potomac river, this district is part of a the metro system and is overrun by super mutants.
Mason District South
A pre-war salvage complex that is now inhabited by super mutants. Also houses a human captive.
Mason Dixon Salvage
A fortified settlement built around a crater with an undetonated atomic bomb at its center.
A trainyard that houses an easy entry to The Family's base.
Meresti Trainyard
The largest metro station in that Capital Wasteland.
Metro Central
Nearly abandoned settlement riddled with land mines with a lone sniper named Arkansas.
An abandoned water treatment plant home for up to a half dozen raiders and, depending on level, a sentry bot.
Montgomery County Reservoir
Broken-down outdoor theater with a few cars and picnic tables. It also seems to be a small base for super mutants.
Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema
Empty area with a single camper and a spawn point for some enemies.
Mount Mabel Campground
A museum that is a sanctuary for ghouls. (Will accept museum's name or the ghoul settlement's.)
Museum of History
A museum where the Virgo II lunar dish is found for the radio station host, Three Dog.
Museum of Technology
Location filled with super mutants and turrets. Operated by Button Gwinnett and tied to the quest, "Stealing Independence".
The National Archives
A high-security compound that the Keller Family hid in.
National Guard Depot
Part of an old metro system that houses a ghoul making ultra-jet. (where you sell sugar bombs) Also the natural way to get to The Family's base.
Northwest Seneca Station
A bottling facility that is three-stories tall and located at the southern edge of the map.
Nuka-Cola Plant
A secluded, lush forest in the north part of the map. Home of the "tree" Harold and tied to the quest that shares the same name as the location.
An abandoned town that is the home to many, many deathclaws.
Old Olney
A good source for medical supplies and explosives, and it plays a role in the quest "Reilly's Rangers".
Our Lady of Hope Hospital
An drive-in movie theater occasionally occupied by raiders.
The Overlook Drive-In
A settlement full of slavers recognizable from its gigantic Tall Boy mascot statue.
Paradise Falls
Location directly to the east of what once was the president's residence.
Penn. Ave East
Location directly to the north of what once was the president's residence.
Penn. Ave North
Location directly to the northwest of what once was the president's residence.
Penn. Ave Northwest
Location directly to the south of what once was the president's residence.
Penn. Ave South
The base for Reilly's Rangers and where you turn in the quest after rescuing them.
Ranger Compound
The Enclave's main base of operations.
Raven Rock
Consists of seven ruined houses and a small playground on the north side of a stretch of paved road running east to west.
Reclining Groves Resort Homes
A pre-War tricycle factory on the outskirts of southwestern Washington, D.C.
Red Racer Factory
A farmhouse that serves as the headquarters of the Capital Wasteland Regulators. Tied to the "Lawbringer" perk.
Regulator HQ
Radio tower that, after turning its power source on, broadcasts Signal Oscar Zulu to the near vicinity.
Relay Tower KX-B8-11
A micronation settlement that holds a 'very' important election to determine the next president.
The Republic of Dave
A city located inside a decaying, beached aircraft carrier. It is the largest, most developed and scientifically-advanced, native settlement.
Rivet City
A factory in the southern part of the map that manufactured the protectrons scattered across the D.C. area.
RobCo Facility
The hideout of the hero in "The Superhuman Gambit" quest.
Robot Repair Center
A very large cave system with an entrance of a sewer grate at the bottom of a crater that has exposed the sewer system
Rock Creek Caverns
A ruined gas station with an unmarked sniper shack directly to the west.
Rockbreaker's Last Gas
A three-story school building that is infested with super mutants.
Roosevelt Academy
One of the satellite arrays located in the northwest section of the map.
SatCom Array NN-03d
One of the satellite arrays located further west than the one above.
SatCom Array NW-05a
One of the satellite arrays located southwest to the one above.
SatCom Array NW-07c
A salvage yard where the trusty companion Dogmeat is found.
The metro of a district square in downtown Washington D.C.
Seward Sq. North Metro
The northwest section of a district square in downtown Washington D.C.
Seward Sq. Northwest
The southeast section of a district square in downtown Washington D.C.
Seward Sq. Southeast
The building that houses one of the entrances to the county sewer mainline.
Sewer Waystation
A small area of ant colonies. One small colony is friendly towards the player, the other is hostile.
A simple drive-in movie theater located near a broadcasting station.
The Silver Lining Drive-In
an abandoned automotive service garage that is also an entrance to a vault. (Will accept garage name, vault number, or simulation name)
Smith Casey's Garage
The ruins of the town near the starting location of the game.
The school filled with raiders and ants in the above town.
Springvale School
A twelve-story building infested with super mutants and where Reilly's Rangers are on their last leg.
The Statesman Hotel
A grocery store inhabited by raiders. A good source of food and medicine.
Super-Duper Mart
An abandoned factory that once manufactured Abraxo cleaner. It is now a stronghold for super mutants.
Takoma Industrial
A small shopping center that has a super mutant behemoth.
Takoma Park
Base of a faction dedicated to help free and house escaped slaves. Tied to the quest, "Head of State".
Temple of the Union
A private hotel refurbished from an intact pre-War luxury hotel. Tied to the "The Power of the Atom" quest.
Tenpenny Tower
Sewer system infested with molerats ripe for researching. Tied to the "Wasteland Survival Guide" quest.
Tepid Sewers
A set of fenced-in power lines and transformers next to a power substation
VAPL-58 Power Station
Same as above, located in the southeastern region of the map.
VAPL-66 Power Station
Same as above, but located just to the east of it.
VAPL-84 Power Station
Vault with FEV experimentation where the G.E.C.K is and the companion Fawkes.
Vault 87
Vault that attempted to create super soldiers through white noise that contained hidden subconscious messages.
Vault 92
Vault that housed the main player until they are 19. Tunnel Snakes rule!
Vault 101
Vault that was pumped full of intoxicating gases making all residents hallucinate and go insane.
Vault 106
Vault that experimented cloning. Think it had to do with some dude name Gary...
Vault 108
The base of operations for the company that constructed and operated the vaults.
Vault-Tec Headquarters
The eastern section of a square located in Washington D.C.
Vernon Square East
The northern section of a square located in Washington D.C.
Vernon Square North
The metro station of a square located in Washington D.C.
Vernon Square Station
A radio station that houses the source of Signal Kilo Bravo.
WKML Broadcast Station
A ruined subway station in the southwest corner of the map.
Warrington Station
The base for Roy Phillips and his ghoul friends that plan to infiltrate a private hotel.
Warrington Trainyard
Large tower in Washington D.C. that is claimed by the Brotherhood of Steel. Contains the signal transmitter for Three Dog's radio station.
The Washington Monument
Consists of an underground bunker and a bombed-out office building across from it.
Wheaton Armory
Building that used to be the official residence of the president of the United States.
White House
A small dock and shack on the banks of the Potomac River, and the home of Grandma Sparkle.
Wilhelm's Wharf
Caves inhabited by a large number of yao guai.
Yao Guai Tunnels
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