Fallout Enemies Quiz

Guess the enemies from the Fallout series. (Separated by game entries) Doesn't include enemies exclusively in DLCs.
Quiz by LicenseToKILL52
Last updated: April 14, 2021
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Fallout 3 Original
Mutated bugs that fly and spit spiked larvae at their prey. Known to be weak, but have great maneuverability and are hard to hit from a distance.
Mutated animals with two heads that have been widely domesticated since the Great War for their meat and milk.
Mutated mix of humans, dogs, and other animals created by the master. Can often be found accompanying humans that were also mutated by the FEV-II.
Mutated animal that are very large, strong and agile. Often regarded as the hardest enemy you can face when wandering the wastes.
Animals that have remain seemingly unaltered by radiation (besides some missing spots or even all of thier fur). Often seen as pets for merchants and scavengers, as they provide companionship and protection.
Dog / Mongrel / Coyote
Small all-purpose robots that are often found wandering the wastes playing radio stations and fighting mutated creatures.
Ghouls that have lost the ability to reason and have become aggressive.
Feral Ghoul
Mutated bugs created when trying to reverse previous mutation. This only caused the bugs to gain flammable venom, and they learned to ignite it with a spark made by clicking their mandibles.
Fire Ant
Mutated bugs created from exposure to the FEV. Their increased size and strength make them very dangerous and their mandibles are capable of cutting through leather, plastic, and even bone.
Giant Ant
Ghouls that luminate and release blasts of radiation.
Glowing One
Mutated animals that are almost entirely encased in a extremely hard shell. They have razor sharp claws and are less resistant to attacks to their faces and abdomen areas.
Robots that are militarized and built for combat. They have the ability to hover, have three eyes, and three arms. They are also equipped with highly damaging plasma weapons.
Mister Gutsy
Robots that are commonly docile and are often equipped with a buzzsaw and a flamethrower. They have the ability to hover, they have three eyes, and they have three arms.
Mister Handy
Mutated animals with sharp claws and tusks. They travel in small packs and are the result of gene-splicing Kodiak bears with maladjusted lab rats.
Mole Rat
Robots that are designed to be work drones. They are slow and robust, but are capable of using laser weapons at a range and may bash enemies with their heavy arms in close-combat.
Mutated bugs that are much larger versions of their pre-mutated selves, but are still weak and do not do much damage. Often referred as the weakest enemy you can encounter.
Mutated bugs with hard skin, venomous stingers, and ranges from to size of a sofa to the size of a car.
Gangs of people that will attack anyone in search of valuable loot, food, and caps.
Robots that utilize unique cybernetic brains to function. They have laser weapon capabilities and a built-in Mesmetron that instantly cripples the head of it's enemies and gives them a concussion.
Robots that the heaviest class of combat robots. These robots are highly maneuverable and are well equipped with gatling lasers and missile launchers.
Sentry Bot
Humans that were mutated from exposure to the Forced Evolutionary Virus II (FEV-II).
Super Mutant
Sentient beings manufactured by the Institute that can appear skeletal or indistinguishable from humans.
Group of mercenaries that are well equipped and relentlessly hunt down those with bounties on their heads.
Talon Company
Mutated animals that were named by those held in Chinese internmnet camps before the Great War. These animals are aggressive and extremely viscous with their razor sharp claws and teeth.
Yao Guai
Humanoid race from an unknown planet. They only thing known about them is that they use their ability of space travel to study other planets and species.
Zetan Alien
Fallout New Vegas Original
Mutated animals that have been domesticated for their horns, meat, milk, and hides. Wild herds can often be found in mountainous regions and are somewhat aggressive.
Mutated bugs that are the result of DNA experiments. They fly, are extremely fast, and are extremely venomous. They have distinctive amber-orange wings, a blue-black carapace and blood-red eyes.
Mutated animals that are carnivourous reptiles that pack "a nasty bite." Their color and size differs greatly based on species and they are commonly found throughout the Mojave.
Mutated bugs with green skin. Is found very often around the Mojave Wasteland.
Giant Mantis
Mutated animals that travel in packs. They are larger versions of their pre-mutated forms and are regarded as vermin, but serve as a food source in the Mojave.
Giant Rat
Mutated animals that live around bodies of water and survive in pure water. They are capable of emitting long-distance sonic pulse waves to stun and confuse their enemies before swiping at the prey with their claws.
Elite warriors in the Master's army with blue skin. Known for psychological damage from excessive Stealth Boy usage.
Mutated animals that were created as a genetic hybrid of rattlesnake and coyote DNA in order to preserve the DNA of rattlesnake, which was on the verge of extinction.
Night Stalker
Creatures that are reanimated dead humans, infested and colonized by a mutated entomopathogenic fungus. They are now mindless beast whose sole purpose is spreading spores.
Spore Carrier
Fallout 4 Original
Robots that are built for combat and extremely dangerous. They are shaped around the human body, can run extremely fast, and are well equipped with a highly powered charged laser on it's head.
Mutated bugs the are massive versions of their pre-mutated forms. They attack by stabbing their knife-like proboscis into the soft tissue of their prey and then feed off of their blood.
Mutated bugs that fly and have a venomous stinger. It is one of the fiercest insects in the Commonwealth, pursuing prey relentlessly and stinging it to death.
A thought-to-be extinct creature that is only found synthetically in the Institute created from pre-war DNA.
Group of mercenaries that are highly trained and organized. They also have high tech gear and military grade technology.
Mutated dogs that were created by the FEV-II. They are often found accompanying their human mutated counterparts.
Mutant Hound
Mutated animals that are primarily prey, but will attack when backed into a corner. They also have two heads, are fast, and resilient.
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