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When Agent 47 joins the ICA to hunt down threats to mankind, he is also pulled into a game of Cat and Mouse against a mysterious organization that is determined to stop him. All the while he is being stalked by someone from his past.Hitman
Agent 47 embarks on a stealth mission to track down the elusive Shadow Client while learning the truth about his past. The spy thriller takes the assassin across international locations, from vibrant Miami to dangerous rainforests.Hitman 2
Together with Diana Burnwood and Lucas Grey, Agent 47 must face off against The Constant and his mysterious colleagues to take down Providence once and for all.Hitman 3
A larger, more powerful agency is systematically eliminating assassins in a series of hits, who are all from Agent 47's contract killing firm, The International Contract Agency (ICA).Hitman: Blood Money
After assassinating his former handler, Diana, Agent 47 goes on a mission on her request to track down a young girl named Victoria. Meanwhile, his own employers hunt him and an arms manufacturer, Blake Dexter, pursues Victoria as well.Hitman: Absolution
Agent 47 is hired to kill sevarel contracts in the place of beautiful Montenegro. Here he is playing a role of sniper and by taking a great advantage from a distance he eliminates different targets who are involved in different illigal activities given as contracts to him.Hitman: Sniper
In Paris, the wounded Agent 47 remembers the missions from his past.Hitman: Contracts
Isometric grid-based strategic puzzle game starring Agent 47, a master assassin tasked with completing various goals throughout the game's increasingly complex levels.Hitman Go
Just when Agent 47, a former high-target hitman for an international contractor, has decided to reform himself and retire, he becomes engulfed in an elaborate conspiracy as an anonymous organization kidnaps his friend, the resident priest.Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
Agent 47 is a genetic super human assassin. The ICA (International Contract Agency) assigns 47 with various assignments to kill five men known as "The Five Fathers." Including his own creator.Hitman: Codename 47

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