Iron Man Villains

Will accept the Villain's name or their alter ego(s)
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Last updated: April 14, 2021
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He is the co-developer of the Extremis virus, and the founder of Advanced Idea Mechanics. (A.I.M.)
Aldrich Killian
A costumed villain with a suit that enables him to produce ice and cold and a former Stark employee who was fired for robbery. Originally known as Jack Frost.
Leader of the crime cartel the Maggia, An international crime syndicate that is the world's most powerful organization dedicated to conventional crime.
Count Nefaria
A Soviet super soldier clad in powered red armor.
Crimson Dynamo
Has a similar relationship with/vendetta against Iron Man/Tony Stark as he does with Mister Fantastic/Reed Richards, who is one of Stark's best friends.
Doctor Doom
Son of one of Iron Man's greatest villains. He is able to run biological implants to upgrade his body to mimic that of the Iron Man armor.
Ezekiel Stane
Alien dragon from the planet Maklu IV.
Fin Fang Foom
A fire-themed supervillain in a suit that not only has flamethrowers mounted on the wrist, it is also fire resistant.
Suited villain who initially defeats Iron Man in the Armor Wars storyline.
A professional saboteur with equipment that allows him to become intangible who is determined to kill Tony Stark and destroy Stark Enterprises.
A costumed villain who can turn anything he touches into stone.
Grey Gargoyle
The business executive who stole Stark Enterprises from Tony Stark. He also found the mask of the first suit that Tony created while being held hostage and perfected it.
Iron Monger
A rival entrepreneur that has access to various forms of advanced technology designed by his technicians. Eventually he had Stark's technology stolen and gave it away, causing the Armor Wars.
Justin Hammer
A laser expert who eventually evolved into a being made of pure light energy.
Living Laser
She hides her scarred face behind a golden mask. She often has conflicted loyalties between her father and her lover, Iron Man.
Madame Masque
The archenemy of Iron Man, he is a Chinese nobleman, scientist and former diplomat turned criminal mastermind. His true power comes from his superhuman mastery of the martial arts and 10 rings of power.
He is the archenemy of Spider-Man. Like Stark, he has access to various forms of advanced technology.
Norman Osborn
The original was a costumed freelance industrial spy, saboteur, and assassin with advanced weaponry.
A Soviet super soldier clad in powered armor. Mentor to the Unicorn, who knew him as "the Other".
Titanium Man
A doomsday robot built by an unknown alien race and activated by Iron Man's archenemy.
A weapons expert who brandishes a specially designed whip as his personal weapon.
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