Things to do in minecraft after you spawn into a new world

its fun
Quiz by getgood1414
Last updated: May 30, 2021
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First submittedMay 27, 2021
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1. You spawn into a new world. What do you do?
get wood
kill yourself
milk a cow
eat a potato
2. What next?
make wooden tools
make stone tools
get stone
mine diamonds
3. What next?
beat the game
get stone
crash your game with potatoes
find herobrine
4. What next?
make a nether portal
find iron
make stone tools
find a stronghold
5. What next?
find diamonds
find a village
watch a tutorial on how to get good
6. What next?
jump off a mountain
climb a mountain
find iron
pat your back
7. What next?
make iron tools
clap your hands
clap your cheeks
beat the game
8. What next?
don't sleep
never sleep
sleep in real life
9. What next?
make a nether portal
find a river
make a bucket
milk a cow
10. What next?
fill your bucket with water
quit game
uninstall game
get netherite
11. What next?
find a lava pool
get help
12. What next?
call a friend
watch netflix
make a nether portal
get diamonds
13. What next?
jump into lava
jump into lava
jump into lava
go into the nether
14. What next?
find a nether fortress
jump into lava
get netherite with an iron pickaxe
throw your iron tools into lava
15. What next?
call a friend for help
kill blazes for 7-10 blaze rods
kill wither skeletons
kill piglins
16. What next?
give up
find diamonds
go to overworld
find a bastion
17. What next?
mine the gold in the bastion and loot chests
kill yourself (in minecraft just to let you know)
finally find diamonds! :D
go to the over world and kill a cow, milk it, eat a carrot, feed a pig and then come back
18. What next?
trade with piglins for enderpearls and obsidian
give up
find diamonds
19. What next?
kill yourself (in minecraft again of course ;D)
make a new nether portal after you get 16 ender pearls and 10 obsidian from the piglins
watch youtube
check instagram
20. What next?
go through the nether portal
I don't know
I'm bored
get diamonds
21. What next?
go back through the nether portal
make ender eyes and follow it
give up
grow wheat
22. What next?
kill yourself (in minecraft again are you stupid do i have to say it every time)
make wooden tools
find a stronghold
find buried treasure
23. What next?
find a bastion
find a ruined portal
go to the end
kill yourself (in minecraft are you dumb or what i have to say it every time are you alright?)
24. What next?
kill yourself (in minecraft not in real life stupid! *sigh*)
find netherite
find luckyblocks
break all the end crystals
25. What next?
break all the end crystals
find diamonds
kill yourself (okay i can't be asked to explain it to you again how MANY TIMES I HAVE TO SAY IT!!!)
get the ender dragon to 1 hp
26. What next?
play hypixel
watch netflix
beat the game
27. What next?
celebrate by jumping off the edge
go on jetpunk (definitely not saying this so quizmaster will feature me ;D)
play hypixel
say it's too easy
28. What next?
do my other quizzes
kill yourself (bruh can't be asked to explain how DUMB you are!!!)
picture me
think about me
29. What next?
retake every one of my quizzes 10 times
kill yourself (*sigh*)
say hi
ermm okay
30. What next?
say "thank you so much for this tutorial" and comment down below!!!
play hypixel
how is your day?
Level 65
May 28, 2021
A funny quiz to take, but way too niche and unprofessional for a feature. Sorry.
Level 15
May 28, 2021
It was meant to be a not serious quiz lol