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6242022-01-29All Songs in Heathers the Musical
4402022-03-25All Characters in Bridgerton
4292022-02-24Jane the Virgin Family Tree
3522021-09-23All Lyrics to Honey Honey by ABBA
2902021-07-31All Songs in Legally Blonde the Musical
2862022-02-24Once Upon A Time Family Tree
2662021-07-16All songs in Matilda the Musical
1962022-04-12All Characters in Bridgerton Season 2
1402021-09-20All Characters from A Series Of Unfortunate Events (ASOUE)
1392021-09-20Top 20 Game of Thrones (GOT) Characters by Screen Time
1362021-07-16All Songs in Grease the Musical
1362023-07-18All Lyrics to Legally Blonde (Legally Blonde the Musical)
1352021-04-09All lyrics to Who I'd Be (Shrek - the musical)
1262022-01-18All Dean Lewis Songs
922022-03-05Moulin Rouge - All Lyrics to Elephant Love Medley (Stage Version)
922021-04-13All lyrics to Make a Move (Shrek - the musical)
732021-09-20Game of Thrones Family Tree
642021-09-21Game of Thrones - Who Killed Who?
632021-04-13All lyrics to Don't Let Me Go (Shrek - the musical)
622021-07-16All Songs in Les Miserables
612021-04-12All lyrics to Story of my Life (Shrek - the musical)
572022-03-07So Exciting(The Pitch Song) All Lyrics from Moulin Rouge Stage Version
572021-04-09All lyrics to I Think I Got You Beat (Shrek - the musical)
512021-04-12All lyrics to When Words Fail (Shrek - the musical)
502021-09-20All Characters from Castle (ABC)
482022-03-05All Songs in Moulin Rouge (Stage Version)
482021-04-12All lyrics to Freak Flag (Shrek - the musical)
452021-04-13All lyrics to This is our Story (Shrek - the musical)
422021-07-16All Songs in the Book of Mormon Musical
402021-07-16All Songs in Wicked the Musical
372021-03-18Misnomers Quiz
362022-04-27All Lyrics to As Long as You're Mine from Wicked
342021-04-09All lyrics to Morning Person (Shrek - the musical)
222021-03-1850 Shades of Grey Hair
192021-03-18Netflix Movie Quiz
152021-03-25General Knowledge
72021-04-13All lyrics to This is How a Dream Comes True (Shrek)