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It's been a while since they've released an album. What was the last song on Trench?Leave the city
Tyler Joseph is the lead singer of the band, who did Joshua dun used to drum for?House of heroes
Oh, Christmas saves the year was such a great surprise! In the Christmas stream following up to the song, what college did Tyler mention?Ohio State
The special first 20 people got a little song from a USB and Tyler sent a video to thank those who won! How great? On the TV in the back, what did it spell?Clancy is dead
In the hype, Tyler opens up his stomach. In what song did Tyler say "Don't know what's inside of me"?Doubt
The musical duo used to have three members! Not so different then the two now, but let's see if you remember the name of the bassist.Nick Thomas
What song did Tyler un-famously cover with his ukulele?I'm yours - Jason Mraz
We know the connection of fall away and drown, but what "No phun intended" song has the same 2nd verse of "Ode to sleep" (Or at least close enough)?Just like yesterday
On the track of "Regional at best", What number is Guns for hands placed?1
Tyler is considered one of the fastest rappers alive! How many syllables can Tyler rap in 1 second?9.8
Tacos are truly great! Who sang "Taco bell saga" with Tyler?Jay
Relating to the last question, what song played in the Power Rangers movie?We don't believe what's on TV
Fun fact -Holding onto you is one of my favorite songs. What song appeared in Riverdale? (Sorry if I got the show wrong.)Jumpsuit
What band does Tyler sneakily reference in Christmas Saves the Year?Blink - 182
Tyler changed his Instagram account's picture? Wait, is there an icon on his eye that's bright blue? What college sports logo does this icon look like?Indiana

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