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1932021-04-0520 Biggest cities in Australia
1512022-02-0550 Countries With The Coldest Winters
1292021-12-3050 Most Visited Countries
1282021-12-2350 Most Guessed Countries On Jetpunk
1052021-12-2250 Least Guessed Countries on Jetpunk
1042022-02-02Top 50 Countries With The Most Guns
892021-11-2220 Biggest Cities In Russia
732021-12-3050 Countries With The Most Landmarks
702021-10-1720 Largest Cities In The United Kingdom
702021-03-2620 Biggest cities in Germany
692021-12-24Types Of bodies of water
642023-02-17Top 20 Biggest Cities in The World
622022-02-06Top 50 Countries with the Hottest Summers
612022-07-28Most Known Cities in the World.
602023-02-1620 biggest cities in France
512021-12-3150 Most Populated Countries
492021-04-1920 Biggest cities in Italy
482023-05-1950 Biggest Cities in India
462023-05-20Top 50 Most Populated Countries
442021-11-1820 largest Cities in Canada
432021-10-035 Biggest Cities in Florida
432022-08-0520 Biggest cities In Ukraine
412022-04-1820 Biggest cities in Angola
392022-01-12Hi in 15 different languages #1
382021-03-2420 largest cities in North America
382021-10-07top 20 Biggest Cities in Japan
382023-05-30100 Most Populated Cities in the World
372021-04-1920 Biggest cities in The Us
322021-10-0420 Biggest cities in Mexico
292021-06-115 Biggest cities in Texas
282022-07-3120 Biggest cities in Saudi Arabia
252021-10-12United States Cities Picture quiz
252021-05-145 largest countries by area
252021-10-03United States Cities By there picture
252021-12-31Countries By Satellite #1
212021-08-14Top 5 biggest cities in Texas
202021-11-1820 Biggest Cities In South Africa
192021-10-02Guess The City Extreme
182022-04-15African Cities by picture
152021-10-01Some Of The Biggest Cities In The World
122021-03-23All Countries Of South America By Population
102021-03-20The Continents
102022-01-15Empires Quiz #1
102021-10-16Beauties Of The World
82021-08-14Top 5 biggest cities in Illinois
82021-11-2020 Biggest Cities in The Bahamas
62021-11-22my old accounts On Jetpunk
52021-10-17Beauties Of The World (2)