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1042021-09-20Scottish Counties (1947) (Map Quiz)
762021-09-20Counties of Scotland (with map)
472021-10-31Svalbard Settlements (Map Quiz)
432021-08-07Oblast Flags of Ukraine
372021-12-21Districts of Luxembourg (Map Quiz)
262021-05-27Anthems of the World (with map)
232021-10-02Temporary / Ephemeral States of the Russian Civil War
232021-05-04Counties of Kenya (Map Quiz)
192021-09-20Scottish County Flags
192021-08-07Province Flags of Pakistan
162021-10-31Svalbard Settlements (with map)
142022-01-12Communes of French Guiana (with map)
132021-05-12Provinces of Rwanda
112021-08-15Capital City Flags
102021-12-21Districts of Luxembourg (with a map)
102021-08-07Regions of Somalia (with flags)
92021-05-12Provinces of Rwanda (Map Quiz)
62021-07-08Can you spell the longest place name in the world?
62021-08-27Liechtenstein Flags
52022-01-12Communes of French Guiana (Map Quiz)
52021-05-03Prefectures of the Central African Republic (CAR)
52021-09-26Provinces of Limberwisk
52021-05-17The Impossible Quiz.
52022-01-17Sestieri of Venice - Map Quiz
42022-07-16Municipalities of Sonora
42022-07-15Counties of Arizona in 1865
42021-05-02Districts of Lesotho (Map Quiz)
42021-08-08Austria State Flags
32021-10-28Districts of Saint Helena
32021-11-14Cities of Yavapai County
32021-12-24Boroughs of Alaska (with a map)
32021-08-08Kenya County Flags
32021-10-31Volcanoes of Chad
32021-10-14Captaincies of Brazil (1534)
22021-08-07Flags of People/Cultural flags (Historic)
22021-05-27Prefectures of the Central African Republic (CAR) (Map Quiz)
12021-08-08Regions of Kyrgyzstan (with flags)
12021-12-24Boroughs of Alaska (Map Quiz)
12021-12-24Alaska Borough Capitals (with map)
02021-05-31Bonus Quiz - Anthems of the World