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Formed by water acting on aluminum and copper; popular as a protective amulet; fades in sunlight; porous - thus, can be discoloured by oil and greaseTurquoise
Popular stone; variety of beryl; impurities of iron determine coloration which range from almost colourless to deep sea blue-green; found in pegmatite; forms hexagonal pencil shaped crystalsAquamarine
Popular gemstone; variety of the mineral feldspar; named after the most famous river in S. AmericaAmazonite
Form of mineral pectolite; subtle turquoise blue with soft, white veining; only found in Mts of Dominican Republic; sometimes sold as "Dolphin Stone" and referred to as "Atlantis Stone"Larimar
Resembles ethereal landscapes or distant planets; forms where copper is exposed to air and water; mineral is rarely pure; very soft unless mixed with other mineralsChrysocolla
Has unusual silky, pearlescent lustre; its typical form is botryoidal; named for the British scientist James Smithson, who founded the Smithsonian InstitutionSmithsonite

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