I Can Guess Your South American Country!

Think of a country in South America, then answer the four questions pertaining to it. Answer them in order, for example "NO NO YES YES" or "N N Y Y". I will then guess your nation! If I'm correct, type "CORRECT" and if I am not, type "INCORRECT". After typing either of those, click "give up". The stats will be judged by the percentage of the answer "CORRECT". Have fun!
Use Sucre as the capital of a country, not La Paz.
Quiz by Quizzer6794
Last updated: August 27, 2016
First submittedAugust 27, 2016
Times taken521
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Does your country have land above the Equator?
Does your country come alphabetically before 'F'?
Does your country have six or less letters in its name?
Does your country's capital start with a letter before 'M'?
Did I guess your country correctly?
Type "CORRECT" or "INCORRECT", then click "Give Up"
Your South American Country Is:
Level 71
Aug 26, 2016
You need to retool this--i can't tell whether it is working or not and your system never produced any guesses.
Level 64
Aug 28, 2016
If it didn't produce any guesses, it is means the quiztaker has answered one of the questions incorrectly.
Level 68
Aug 27, 2016
I like this idea, the only confusing thing was the first "answer" which accepted any input (the "go" answer) as this made me think it was going to accept each answer individually. I'd say remove the "go" answer if possible and add some way of putting a "don't know" option. So if you typed YES NO NO IDK then it would say Venezuela or Suriname.

Just a thought. Nice game regardless :)

Level 52
Aug 27, 2016
Oh, this is very clever. I don't understand why, when you start, the first letter you type gets accepted for something labelled as "GO" in the stats. But I like the quiz. I had to make myself a table to check, because I didn't believe that there would be no double-ups. Are there more of these?

Also, an arbitrary list of four countries which could be added to this quiz with answers unique from all of the countries in South America are Benin, Mexico, Angola and Nauru (if I'm not mistaken).

Level 64
Aug 27, 2016
ok, the "go" option will be removed. Thanks for the comments! Just a test-run of a hopeful series..
Level 74
Mar 30, 2022
I don't understand the scoring. My S American country was Trinidad and Tobago (yes, Trinidad is part of S America). So all my answers were "no". (In case you think that the first one should have been yes, you must bear in mind that I am a pedant). You came up with Uruguay, so you were incorrect. I scored two points but I don't know why.
Level 46
Jun 29, 2022
But Trinidad has land above the equator...

Also Jetpunk weirdly regards Trinidad as being North America so there's that...

Level 56
Jun 30, 2022
Sorry to say but Trinidad and Tobego is north america, its not stated as south america anywhere official as far as I can see.

Not on Worldomiter, Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica or the World Atlas