United States A-Z

Based on the clue, guess these American answers for each letter of the alphabet.
Quiz by Quizzer6794
Last updated: October 11, 2019
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First submittedJuly 21, 2015
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Non-contiguous US state
Largest US State capital (urban area)
Bordering country
Most elevated state capital
Most spoken language
Oldest ballpark in the US, located in B
U.S Island territory in Micronesia
Pretty much every American
superstar is here
Cornell University city
Declaration of Independence signer
Missouri city named after a river
Kansas City
2nd biggest USA city
Los Angeles
Longest river
Largest city in the country
New York City
Most populated Hawaiian island
US territory. Spanish for "rich port"
Puerto Rico
Group who did 9/11: Al _____
Western mountain range
Rocky Mts.
Largest Great Lake
US State with eight borders
Country USA broke free
from in the 18th century
United Kingdom
US _____ Islands
Name for a president, state, and city
City in the Dayton Metro Area
University in Connecticut
Indian reservation near Mexico
Level 62
Jul 21, 2015
Started as a good quiz but spelling mistakes and overly specific answers ruined it, e.g. Rockies should work for Rocky Mts.
Level 59
Feb 21, 2016
I I had the same problem my technique is do as much as I can than google the spellings for the rest
Level 8
Jul 21, 2015
Really great test! Please make more like these!!!!!!!!
Level 65
Jul 21, 2015
Thank you! We are making more, such as the UK and Spain! :)
Level 85
Jul 21, 2015
Kansas City was named after the Kansas River, not the state of Kansas, which did not exist when Kansas City was named.
Level 75
Jul 21, 2015
Good catch, cpg. I'm from Missouri and that one went right by me. Technically, though, Kansas did exist at the time the city was officially named. Kansas City, MO was first called Westport Landing, then became the Town of Kansas in 1839. In 1853 it was incorporated as City of Kansas, and finally it was incorporated again in 1889 as Kansas City which was after Kansas became a state. But as you stated, it was never named for the state, only the river.
Level 33
Jan 10, 2020
thanks for the cool fact!
Level 75
Jul 21, 2015
It's Qaeda, not Queda. Surprised that 38% were able to get it. I tried several different spellings but never found yours. I enjoyed the quiz, but I think the clue for Four Corners could be improved. At first I thought you were wanting the names of the four states, which was confusing. Perhaps change it to, "Place where four states meet," or something like that?
Level 82
Nov 22, 2015
Misspelled Ithaca "Ithica." Wasn't aware of the Ohio city even though the answer appears on my history by letter - X quiz. and Zuni? Never heard of that before. Maybe you could have put on a question about Zion National Park.
Level 66
Dec 12, 2015
I think that Austin fits the "largest state capital city"
Level 65
Dec 13, 2015
Nope. Denver does, tho.
Level 85
Feb 23, 2016
A lot depends on whose data you're looking at, but: Going by city limits only, Austin (>900k) looks like the biggest. Going by metro areas, however, it looks like it's Boston (~4.6 mil), followed by Denver (~2.7 million), Sacramento (~2.1 million), and finally Austin (~1.9 million).
Level 15
Dec 13, 2017
Aren’t you forgetting Phoenix?
Level 66
Dec 12, 2015
Quizzer6794, please remove the Xenia, Ohio question. I am a child born and raised in the United States. I knew every single question except for that one. If Xenia has any historical significance, it fails to come to mind. Please, can you find another thing for "X"?


Level 65
Dec 18, 2015
Nice getting Zuni! I think a challenge is always fun.
Level 48
Jun 27, 2022
Xenia is instantly recognizable if you've dabbled in weather stuff at all.
Level 65
May 28, 2023
Xenia is famous for being destroyed by one of the biggest and strongest tornadoes on record. It happened in the seventies
Level 63
Aug 3, 2023
It's the largest city in the US that starts with X
Level 44
Mar 14, 2017
Great quiz! 14/26 but Mike Pence is the Vice President now.
Level 49
Jun 1, 2018
couldn't spell Al Qaeda.
Level 63
Oct 11, 2019
Me neither. Mainly because it's spelled al-Qaida where I'm from and I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work.
Level 67
Oct 8, 2019
Boston is not the largest capital city by any measure. "Joe Biden" is a weird answer for J, because usually people are categorized by last name, and there are better answers in that respect (Jefferson, most notably, as the author of the Declaration of Independence). Also the qualifier in the clue for N is weird. Why did you write "largest city that isn't a state capital"? New York is just the largest city, period.
Level 65
Oct 8, 2019
Thanks for bringing this up, it's been edited :)
Level 41
Oct 8, 2019
As an Australian I'm happy with 20/26.
Level 65
Oct 8, 2019
Quite solid!
Level 59
Feb 3, 2020
Did anyone else read the "Declaration of Independence singer" instead of "signer?" I can't be the only one who made that silly mistake XD

Awesome quiz though- I nominated it for the Featured list, hope that it wins eventually XD

Level 40
Apr 26, 2020
Isn't the Missouri River a bit longer than the Mississippi? Still an M...
Level 61
Nov 29, 2021
Yes it is by 139 miles.
Level 68
Sep 9, 2020
20/26 - not bad for a Brit
Level 63
Dec 22, 2020
Isn't Santa Fe, NM higher than Denver?
Level 32
Jan 18, 2021
Quite funny that both this quiz and the uk one have V for Virgin.
Level 51
May 23, 2023
Some suggestions.

It should probably be "Declaration of Independence drafter," or something to that effect, instead of "signer." Fifty six people signed it, not just Jefferson, who was more famous for writing the first draft.

Also, New York is not the largest city in the country. It is the most populous city, but "largest" implies geographical area, not population.

Level 79
May 23, 2023
Santa Fe is 1700+ feet higher in elevation than Denver.
Level 91
May 28, 2023
Denver is not the “most elevated state capital.” It’s Santa Fe. Cheyenne is second, with Denver coming in at number 3.
Level 70
May 28, 2023
Denver is not the most elevated state capital, Santa Fe is. Way to go....