Prophets of Islam

Use the hints to fill in the names of the 25 prophets mentioned by name in the Quran.
The prophets are listed in chronological order
Enter either the anglicized name or the Arabic one (except for Arab prophets where no clear Judaic equivalent can be found)
The five major Archprophets, or "Ulul-Azmi", are highlighted in Gold
Quiz by TomatosRaafatos
Last updated: March 6, 2022
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The first man.
This mysterious prophet was raised to 'a high station' after his death. #25 met him in the fourth heaven during the Ascension.
Idris (Enoch)
The first messenger. Built the ark.
Nuh (Noah)
Sent to the people of Aad, who built Iram of the Pillars.
Sent to the people of Thamud. His miracle was the She-Camel.
Nicknamed 'Father of the Prophets'.
Ibrahim (Abraham)
Nephew of the above. Sent to mischievous people who 'lusted for men over women'
Lut (Lot)
First born of #6, and ancestor of the Arabs.
Ismail (Ishmael)
Half-brother of the above.
Ishaq (Isaac)
Also known as Israel. Ancestor of the Hebrews.
Yaqub (Jacob)
Favorite son of the above. Was imprisoned before becoming Treasurer of Egypt.
Yusuf (Joseph)
Sent to the people of Madyan in northern Arabia.
Liberated the children of Israel from the treachery of Pharaoh.
Musa (Moses)
The above's brother and right-hand man.
Harun (Aaron)
Got swallowed by a giant fish, and lived.
Yunus (Jonah)
God took away his wealth and health to test him, and he was patient.
Ayyub (Job)
One of the Hebrews' many prophets. His name means "possessor of the cloth."
Zulkifl (Ezekiel)
Mentioned only twice in the Quran. Some scholars claim he is descended from #14.
Ilyas (Elijah)
Prophetic successor of the above. Also mentioned twice in the Quran.
Alyasa (Elisha)
Killed the giant Jalut (Goliath) using only a sling. Later became king of Israel.
Dawud (David)
Heir of the above. He could talk to animals, commanded the wind, and had an army of Djinn.
Sulaiman (Solomon)
He was a steadfast Jewish priest and guardian of Mary, the mother of #24.
Zakaria (Zechariah)
Son of the above. He was given wisdom and prophet-hood from youth.
Yahya (John)
The Messiah. According to the Quran, he was not crucified but raised to heaven.
Isa (Jesus)
The last prophet and messenger. The Quran was revealed to him.
Level 67
Dec 20, 2017
Nice quiz. I got 11/25.
Level 34
Jun 6, 2018
14/25 here! Fun quiz! I like that you accept the translated names also. Good Job!
Level 73
Sep 10, 2020
Thanks :)
Level 60
Feb 13, 2021
Use this video to cheat.
Level 73
Mar 18, 2021
Well, what do you know, I liked this presentation so much I am crediting it as my source! It's the same authentic information I had after much time of browsing condensed in a clear and concise lesson. But don't cheat!
Level 66
Mar 20, 2021
Got Adam along with the five golds. Nice quiz!
Level 82
Mar 20, 2021
Great quiz. Very good work on the type-ins. I can't believe I missed Noah - didn't even read the clue. Maybe you could add Zachariah or Zacheriah for spellings for that one? That's the only one I missed on account of spelling. And I tried "Israel" but not Jacob... didn't read the clue for that one, either. d'oh.
Level 82
Mar 20, 2021
Actually I guess I was trying mostly Christian and Jewish spellings as I went back and tried more popular Muslim spellings of these names and most weren't accepted. Some suggestions?

Lud for Lot

Yousaf, Yusef, Yusaf, Yousef... the first one is how my Pakistani roommate in Saudi Arabia spelled it

Muse for Moses... I think that's the Sudanese spelling

Hahrun for Aaron. Yaya for Yahya. I've seen it that way in Turkey or India I think.

and then of course there are a billion spellings of Muhammad... Mohamed, Mohamad, Mohammed, Muhamad, Muhamed, Mohamet, Mehmet, Hamed, Mohd, etc etc etc.

Level 73
Mar 20, 2021
Thanks for your praise and inputs, Kal! I will consider these spellings on my next update. I tried to limit type-ins to the correct transcription of the standard Arabic pronunciations, so that with some effort quiztakers will learn the accurate spellings, but I will definitely expand some of them. Sorry about Zacheriah!
Level 54
Apr 13, 2021
Hamed is not spelling of Muhammad, It is another name "Hamid or Hamed" Of Prophet Muhammad
Level 73
Apr 29, 2021
Actually it's not a name of prophet Muhammad at all, as far as I know. It does come from the same root (H-M-D), meaning something like "praise", or "thanks". The name Hamid (or Hamed) means someone who is a continuous giver of thanks or praise to someone or something (normally to God). Muhammad means someone or something that is praiseworthy.
Level 73
Apr 29, 2021
However, Muhammad was also named once in the Qur'an as "Ahmad" (or Ahmed), which is the comparative form of the H-M-D root, meaning something or someone more praiseworthy (than something or someone else).
Level 54
Mar 21, 2021
Fantastic Quiz!!! Nominated!
Level 60
Mar 6, 2022
Absolutely awesome quiz!!! 10/10 for work and effort.

I may add a slight request that you add "shoaib" as a type-in for "Shuaib".

Level 73
Mar 6, 2022