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1902021-07-19Wo sie Kanzler?
1822021-07-21Die Leiter des Zweiten Weltkriegs
1662021-07-16Bilder von Deutschland
1282021-07-27Poland Map Quiz - Provinces / Voivodeships
1042021-05-045 To 1: US Presidents
912021-05-255 To 1: Capitals of Europe
902021-06-28Famous National Dishes
682021-07-14England by Pictures
682021-05-045 To 1: World Capitals
672021-05-01Living British Prime Ministers
662021-05-045 To 1: Capitals of Asia
652021-05-045 To 1: Countries of South America
602021-05-045 To 1: Countries of Europe
602021-07-27Singapore Map Quiz
602021-07-14Post WW2 US Presidents
602021-05-045 To 1: Countries of Asia
572021-05-045 To 1: Countries of North America
562021-04-18Identical Flags Quiz
562021-07-14Post WW2 UK Prime Ministers
542021-07-14Regional Flags
542021-05-045 To 1: Countries of the World
502021-07-19France by picture
482021-04-29Extinct Animals Picture Quiz
442021-07-15Scotland by Pictures
432021-05-045 To 1: Countries of Africa
432021-04-30US Presidents By Military Rank
412021-06-02Which Country Did I Lead - Europe
392021-05-23United Kingdom by picture
392021-07-05'United' Countries Quiz
392021-04-29Were They A President?
372021-04-18Former Flags Of Countries
352021-04-29Surnames By Country
352021-07-14World War 2 Leaders
342021-06-03Which Country Did I Lead ?
332021-04-19Foods Named After Places
332021-04-30Elements Named For Places
322021-05-26North Korea or South Korea?
312021-04-29Were They A British Monarch?
302021-04-29Living US Presidents
282021-06-04Which Country Did I Lead ? - Europe
282021-05-24United States by picture
272021-05-01Important US Civil War Figures - Picture Quiz
272021-04-30Same Name, Different Places
272021-04-30Princes of Wales Quiz
252021-05-045 To 1: US States
252021-07-15Which Country Did I Lead #2
242021-04-16One Letter Different Geography
232021-04-29Were They An Oscar Winner?
232021-05-26Countries by Parliaments
222021-05-25Germany by picture
222021-07-05Which Country Is This Picture From?
222021-05-26France by picture
212021-05-23India by picture
202021-04-20Countries By Number Of Military Personnel
202021-05-20Holy Books
192021-04-30Important World War 2 Figures - Picture Quiz
182021-07-14Ireland by Pictures
182021-06-04National Pretitles
182021-05-01Historic National Anthems Quiz
172021-04-30Who Was The One Before?
172021-04-29Were They A British Prime Minister?
162021-04-29Were They A President? #2
162021-05-01Important World War 1 Figures - Picture Quiz
162021-07-27Malaysia Map Quiz
152021-04-30US States Picture Quiz
142021-05-26Who Was My Last Leader?
142021-07-14Fallen Kingdoms
132021-07-14World War 1 Leaders
112021-11-17National Mottos Quiz
102021-05-26Presidents By Mustaches
72021-06-08Living Canadian Prime Ministers
72021-04-16Flags with the Union Jack
52021-07-05National Flowers Picture Quiz
42021-05-06Indian Premier League Winners