The Ultimate Adventure Time Quiz 🎬

Ever find yourself singing, "I'm a tough tootin' baby I can punch in your buns, punch in your buns, I can punch all your buns"? Then you'd better take this "Adventure Time" quiz.
Quiz by Vanguardian
Last updated: June 12, 2023
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Who was the original Goblin King?
What was Finn's original name?
What is the animal that can be seen somewhere in every episode?
How old is Finn?
What is the Ice King's real name?
Simon Petrikov
Here's a sweet question: Who rules the Candy Kingdom?
Princess Bubblegum
What is the name of the worm that lives in Jake's viola?
What is the name of Jake's girlfriend?
Lady Rainicorn
According to Lumpy Space Princess, what food does she enjoy?
Baked beans
What is the full name of Marceline the Vampire Queen's father?
Hunson Abadeer
What has been shown to be Finn's biggest fear?
What is the name of the vampire queen who originally fought the heroes but eventually became their friend?
In "Root Beer Guy", the protagonist (in this situation, Root Beer Guy) writes what genre of stories?
Flame Princess is friends with what minor character?
Cinnamon Bun
Finn and Jake chase the Lich into the multiverse, where they encounter Prismo, a being who can grant one wish per person. The Lich wished for extinction of all life, so Finn counters that by wishing that the Lich never existed. Finn ends up in an alternate universe. What is his last name that is mentioned there?
Who is Me-Mow trying to kill in hopes of becoming a full Assassin in the Assassin's Guild
Wildberry Princess
Marceline is not a traditional vampire. What does she primarily eat?
Shades of red
In this show two friends go on many odd adventures. One is a human boy, the other a dog with unique abilities. What is the name of the human boy?
Who is Finn's ex-girlfriend?
Flame Princess
Lady Rainicorn speaks what language?
Who said this: "You have just cost me 5 or 6 potential wives for that, you'll [gets cut off as Finn kicks him]"
Ice king
In the episode "The Enchiridion", Finn and Jake meet pixies that destroy what?
Old ladies
How many Princesses were in Ice King's Prison in the episode, "The Prisoner"?
What color is Finn's hair?
What color is Finn's backpack?
Is Finn a dog and Jake a human?
In the episode "What is Life," Finn builds a robot to help him prank Jake. What is the name of the robot?
The Ice King was once attempting to control the heart of a certain princess when he lost control over his own. His heart then took on a personality and was able to walk around by itself. What name did the heart then go by?
One of the inhabitants of Ooo sells our heroes things from time to time such as armor and glasses which make them super smart. This animal is rather silly and talks only in rhymes. What is his name?
Choose Goose
Another creature from Ooo likes to bake apple pies. She and our heroes once travelled to an ancient forest so that she could find and eat the legendary Crystal Apple. Who is this person?
Tree Trunks
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