The Ultimate Lord Of The Rings Quiz 🎬

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a high-fantasy, epic and is probably the most famous epic fantasy series of all time. If you think you know your Lord of the Rings trivia, try and see how well you do on these trivia questions made specifically for LOTR experts.
Quiz by Vanguardian
Last updated: May 19, 2023
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Who is the malevolent dark lord that becomes the ruler of Mordor?
Lord Sauron
Dark Lord Morgoth goes by a second name. What is this other name Dark Lord Morgoth is referred to as?
Lord Sauron waged a war to try and collect the powerful rings. How many rings did he collect?
Who is the King of Arda?
Which race held the remaining Rings of Power Lord Sauron sought to capture?
The elves
How many books is the Fellowship of the Ring divided into?
When was the Fellowship of the Ring first released?
July 29, 1954
Who is the Lord of Rivendell?
Lord Elrond
Who began following the Fellowship as they traversed to Mount Doom?
What actor plays Gandalf the Grey?
Ian McKellen
What is the name of the underground kingdom the Fellowship end up using as a route to get to Mount Doom?
Where do Merry and Pippin go once they escape from the Orcs?
Fangorn Forest
When the remaining members of the Fellowship go looking for Merry and Pippin in Fangorn Forest, who do they end up finding there?
In the film The Two Towers, where are the scenes that take place in Edoras filmed?
New Zealand
What is Legolas’s last name?
The sword that was reformed from the remains of the ‘Sword that was Broken’ is called what new name?
Which actress plays Galadriel?
Cate Blanchett
Which character is in love with Arwen?
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is the first movie of what genre to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards?
Who is the King of Edoras?
What is the name of the gigantic spider creature Gollum brings Forod and Samwise to?
Which actor plays Boromir?
Sean Bean
Who found the Ring with Smeagol?
What is the name of the capital city of Gondor?
Minas Tirith
Who does Gandalf say is the worst hobbit because of his curiosity?
Who is Arwen’s father?
What does Pippin see once they arrive at the city of Minas Tirith?
The White Tree
Who tries to save Frodo from Shelab the gigantic spider?
Which actor plays Gollum/Smeagol?
Andy Serkis
Which character said this famous line from the movie “Not all those who wander are lost.”
Bilbo Baggins
Level 20
May 20, 2023
Pretty good quizz.

I think Sauron, Elrond and Bilbo should be accepted as answers though, it's not obvious that you should put their title as well.

As for Pippin and the White Tree, it's really vague. He saw Orodruin for the first time, he saw Denethor and Faramir for the first time... there's a bunch of things.