The Ultimate Star Trek Quiz 🎬

There's no questioning the popularity of the sci-fi series "Star Trek," a film that has created a whole new world filled with facts, fandom, and trivia questions. If you think you're the ultimate Trekker, then these trivia quizzes will put your knowledge to the test.
Quiz by Vanguardian
Last updated: May 31, 2023
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What is the name of the ship in the show?
USS enterprise
What is the name of the Klingon Commander who ordered the death of Kirk's son David?
What mentor to Benjamin Sisko was the host of the Dax symbiote before Jadzia?
Chief O'Brien's wife, Keiko, is the station's schoolteacher, but what is her trained profession?
What ship was Picard on before the Enterprise?
The Stargazer
What does Deanna love almost as much as life itself?
What is the name of the vessel that makes first contact with the Vulcans in "Star Trek: First Contact"?
The Phoenix
Which is the only crew member of the Enterprise-D ever to attempt suicide and succeed?
Dan Kwan
Who was the first Starfleet captain to encounter the Borg after the events in "Star Trek: First Contact" slightly altered linear history?
Jonathan Archer
Which of the following is related to Guinan, the El-Aurian Enterprisde-D bartender?
Which "Deep Space Nine" crew member goes MIA during the course of the series?
Benjamin Sisko
Naomi Wildman appears aboard which starship?
Who is the engineer aboard the U.S.S Enterprise-E?
Geordi La Forge
Worf hadn't always worn a gold uniform. What colour did he wear in the first season?
In what season did Riker first appear with his beard?
Which crewmember was it implied that Data became intimate with?
Tasha Yar
In the episode where Data was having dreams, who did he dream was a cake?
Who did Data serve as 'father of the bride' for?
Which famous mystery character does Data like to be in the holodeck?
Sherlock Holmes
Q was responsible for introducing the crew of the Enterprise D to which race?
The Borg
Captain Kirk's full name was James T. Kirk! What did the 'T' stand for or what was his middle name?
What is the military rank of Doctor Julian Bashir?
What was Max's nickname for B'Elanna in 'Equinox'?
What is the name of the race that the Kazon hate?
What were the name for the people that inhabited the water world?
What was the name of the device used to circumvent the memories of the Voyager crew in the episode 'The Killing Game'
Neural Interface
What name does the Q, who is granted asylum aboard 'Voyager', adopt once he becomes human in the episode 'Death Wish'?
What was the name of Chakotay's father?
Who is the quote on 'Voyager's' registration plaque by?
Alfred Lord Tennyson
What color signifies command?
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