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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Smilyface
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Times taken 3,452
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1,2912022-04-04Multiple Word Countries
952021-12-19"ia" Countries
902022-02-14Random Geography Stuff
852021-12-24"And" Countries
752021-12-08Countries With A And Z In Their Name
692021-09-15Random Geography Stuff 2
652022-02-11Black History Month
612022-04-07Countries but Misspelled
612021-11-30Countries By Coldest Recorded Temperature
542021-12-09Sri Lanka True Or False
512021-12-14"Stan" Countries
482021-11-30Random Geography Stuff 4
472021-09-16Random Geography Stuff 3
452022-05-04Country Name Meanings
432021-11-12The Country number Clue Quiz
392021-11-12The Country Number Clue Quiz 2
382021-12-06Christmas Word Scramble
372021-10-08Country Names In Spanish
342021-12-02Africa Word Scramble
342022-01-20Island Countries Largest to Smallest By Population
332022-02-24Most Sold Fruits in The United States
322022-03-30Countries By symbols
322022-04-19Masline's Youtube Channels (Updated)
322022-04-13Backwords Countries
312022-05-24Countries by Former Name
302022-02-09Scotland Quiz
302022-02-03Most Missed Countries on Jetpunk
292021-12-01North America Word Scramble
292021-11-16Countries bordering these...
282022-02-17Norway Quiz
272021-11-16Winter In French
272021-11-17Countries Bordering These 2
272021-12-16Europe Word Scramble
252021-11-22Countries Bordering These 3
252022-03-16Countries with the Most Crime
242022-01-19Random Geography Stuff: Sri Lanka Edition
242022-01-25Random Geography Stuff 5
242021-12-10South America Word Scramble
222022-05-17Countries with Strange Pronunciations
222021-12-10South America Countries In Reverse Alphabetical Order
222022-01-10The Sri Lanka Quiz
212022-05-18Hard to Spell Countries
212021-12-15Winter Themed Words With Vowels Missing
202021-12-13Cold Region Animals
202022-04-27Colonization of the Americas
192022-01-04Couuntry Flags With Birds
192021-12-20Asia Word Scramble
192021-12-02Fruit in Italian
192022-04-20Completely Wrong Geography Information
192021-08-20The Much Impossible Quiz
192021-12-01Sri Lanka
192022-04-05Countries With Vowels Removed
182022-02-01Random Countries - Map Quiz
182022-02-24Random Countries 2 - Map Quiz
182022-03-11Countries By Most Populous City
182022-01-04Country Flags With All Three Primary Colors
182022-01-13Sri Lanka Flag Colors
172022-01-2510 Most Endangered Animals
162021-05-28Masline's youtube channels
152021-12-24Oceania Word Scramble
142021-12-22Countries Bordering These 4
132021-12-15The Country Tier List
122021-05-25Mia Quotes
122021-11-12The Country Number Clue Quiz 3
122021-09-15Shadow Quotes
112022-08-14Asian Cities by Population
112022-01-05Masline Quotes!
112022-01-04The Country Number Clue Quiz 4
102022-03-29Globglogabgalab Quiz
102021-11-12The Gumball Tier List Quiz
82022-01-12Sri Lanka Cities By Population
82022-02-15Grass Poison Pokemon
82022-01-27Cool things
72022-03-03Random Geography Stuff: Azerbaijan Edition
62022-03-23Countries By National Animal
42021-11-19Alex Quotes
32022-03-24Random Geography Stuff: Equatorial Guinea Edition
22022-01-27Random Geography Stuff: Zimbabwe Edition