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Guess the TMBG songs by excerpts of interpretations posted by users on This Might Be a Wiki
Quiz by VerticalPi
Last updated: July 18, 2022
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It's a satirical take on an art enthusiast who piles hyperbolic praise upon a supposedly brilliant piece of art. He's a snob who prefers the smug satisfaction of his artistic assessment to the company of others
The statue got me high
Basically, John is saying that they'll never change who they are and what they're like just for the money.
Rhythm Section Want Ad
It seems that one possible interpretation (and what to me seems the most obvious) is that the song is about how easily satiated we are by violence and danger, but we're never inclined to take part in it if we're in real danger
I'm Impressed
Sounds likes a love story, told after the break-up, by the male. It's about two dodgy, game-playing, strategizing people - the guy is a party-crasher, the girl spouts post-modern pretentious crap...They hit it off, one liar appreciating another.
Pet Name
First thought - Simply another "entry level jobs suck" song?

Second weirder thought - How about if the narrator is an ant? They take sandwiches and disassemble them into crumbs.
Employee Of The Month
While I don't think the song is strictly autobiographical, one interpretation is that the narrator is John Linnell, with the first verses referring to TMBG's success with Flood, the third and fourth verses referring to the hiatus between Factory Showroom and Mink Car, and the final verses referring to TMBG's work after 2001.
I'd like to simplify it even further by saying: this song is about not being able to avoid thinking. No matter what you do, you'll never be able to stop thinking; even by trying not to think, you're thinking about trying not to think (there's some wicked recursion for you). Flansburgh couches the concept in clever lyrics that include a vaguely romantic metaphor, but this is what he's really getting at.
I Can't Hide From My Mind
I think this song is about a kid who`s reluctant to visit his grandma because she`s old, slow, and is patient and takes her time...The kid doesn`t have time for that; he`s hyperactive and wants to do stuff.
Mrs. Train
Though I do believe it was probably intended as such, another interpretation came to me a few days ago. People diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome often find social situations uncomfortable and have a hard time understanding the rules of small talk, keeping eye contact etc. - The man's accusations can be interpreted in a way that suggests the woman has Asperger's Syndrome (or something similar to that)
Unrelated Thing
He's playing in an edgy band. He's living the thrilling life of a rock star on the road. But in the end, like everyone else, he's still part of The Establishment. There is no revolution.
Working Undercover For The Man
a lot of this made me think of the final rage of Cosmonaut Vladimir Kamarov. While I don't think it's particularly him, due to that like, I can definitely see it referencing a doomed astronaut's final words, re-entering in a doomed spacecraft.
I'll Be Haunting You
Revenge-obsessed jilted male talks to a stranger at the park, too excited to keep himself from revealing his carefully planned work of craftsmanship - he has planted a mass of explosive material under a nearby skyscraper where his former mate works along with her current lover. You really meet the most fascinating people on the streets of NY.
I Haven't Been Right Yet
It seems that this song is about how a guy did a bunch of stuff to get a girl's attention... and he's beginning to regret it and has gotten more than he bargained for
Authenticity Trip
Whenever I hear this song, I think of something of pure fantasy, or depending upon your beliefs, perhaps not. It is the story of an evil soul that reincarnates itself into different people throughout history. All of the villainous historical figures all have the same soul. Once the person dies, the soul wanders and finds a new host and that person lives up an evil corrupt life. Now, this man is dreaming and his subconscious knows the truth of this spirit's past. In a way, he is responsible for every terrible action in history- the Holocaust, the Trail of Tears, assassinations, killings, genocide, murder, etc. etc.
I think this song is about medical interventions for mental health issues. You know you need to get better, and when you take the medicine, your mood improves but it feels wrong. This is a common hazard of treating mental illness and why a lot of people go off their meds.
I Like Fun
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