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1492021-10-0310 Largest Economies in 1950,2000,2010,2021,2035,2050,2100,2200,3000
932021-10-1020 Largest Economies in the world 1950,2000,2020,2035, 2050,2100,2200,
742021-09-21Top 20 biggest cities in 1950,2000,2020,2050,2100
722021-09-19The Richest countries in the world in 2021, 2050, 2100 and 1950
692022-02-0630 Largest Economies in the world 1950,2010,2000,2020,2035, 2050,2100,
632021-10-10Most Spoken Languages in every Region in Europe
622021-09-19Top 5 most Spoken Languages in every Region in the Americas
592021-09-25Most Spoken Languages in every continent
592021-11-2825 biggest cities in Germany
562022-09-08Top 50 Countries with the most English Speakers
532022-11-03Top 10 economies in Africa 1950,1990,2022,2050,2100
532022-03-25Top 50 biggest cities in Baden-Württemberg
532021-11-10Top 10 biggest cities in 1950,2000,2020,2050,2100
412022-07-20150 biggest cities in the world
402022-07-20Top 50 Countries gdp per capita 2100
402022-09-11Most Spoken Languages in every Region in Africa
362023-01-2050 Richest Countries Today 2050 and in 2100
362021-11-07a train from Basel to Hamburg
362021-09-25100 Largest Economies in 2100
352022-07-19The 20 Poorest Countries in the world
342021-09-26Most Spoken Languages in China
332021-09-21Top 50 biggest cities in 1950,2000,2020,2050,2100
322021-11-10A Train from Berlin to London
312022-07-23150 Biggest Cities in Europe
312021-09-21Cities over 1 Million in Southern Europe
302022-07-27Every City in Germany Bigger than Karlsruhe
292021-10-10100 biggest cities in the world
292022-09-18My top 25 favorite cities in Europe
292022-11-02Top 10 Biggest Cities in the 10 Richest Countries in the world
282021-10-10Most Spoken Languages in every Region in Asia+Pacific
282021-10-10A Train from Paris to Istanbul
272022-08-05Countries that border india and are 2 and 3 borders away from India
272021-10-10My 50 Favorite Countries of the world
272021-09-26Most Spoken Languages in Indonesia
262021-09-22Cities over 1 Million in Central Europe
262021-09-19Most Spoken Languages in India 2050
252021-09-26Most Spoken Languages in the United States
252021-09-26Most Spoken Languages in Nigeria
242021-09-20Cities over 1 Million in Western Europe
242023-01-2410 Richest Country in every Continent in 2100
232021-09-25Most Spoken Languages in India
202021-09-20Cities over 1 Million in Northern Europe
202021-11-13Every City that i know in Canada
192021-09-20Cities over 1 Million in Southern America
182021-09-18Countries relations to the United States
182022-09-25My Top 50 Favorite Cities in the World
182022-09-0810 Richest Country in every Continent
172021-09-19Cities in Northern America with over 1 Million People
152023-01-23Top 50 GDP per Capita vs GDP per Capita in 2100
152021-09-19Cities over 1 Million in the Caribbean
132021-11-10Top 10 Biggest Cities in every Region of the world
122022-09-25A ICE from Karlsruhe to Frankfurt
112022-09-11A Hyperloop from Stuttgart to Kabul
112021-09-19Cities over 1 Million People in Central America
102021-10-16A Train from Los Angeles to Charlotte
92022-09-25A ICE from Karlsruhe to Amsterdam
92022-09-11A High Speed Rail from Karlsruhe to Kabul
82021-09-18Gdp 2100 top 100
82022-09-0810 Richest Country in every Continent in 2050
82021-10-10A Train from Manila to Los Angeles
62021-09-20Cities over 1 Million in the South Caribbean
42022-11-12A ICE from Karlsruhe to Zürich
32022-08-17From Karlsruhe to Heidelberg
32022-07-28City Neighbors of Karlsruhe
32022-09-18A ICE from Karlsruhe to Milan
22023-02-03Die Linie 2 Karlsruhe im Jahr 2050
22022-09-18A ICE from Karlsruhe to Marseille
22022-08-11A Train from Karlsruhe to Ettlingen
22021-10-09Every Megacity in the world
12023-02-03Tram Linie 1 in Karlsruhe 2050
12022-07-28City Neighbors of Karlsruhes City Neighbors
02023-02-01Linie 3 Karlsruhe 2050
02023-02-01Linie 4 Karlsruhe in 2050
02023-02-03Die Linie 5 in Karlsruhe 2050