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Last updated: May 5, 2021
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Something bout' your eyes
I can't even walk in a straight line
Under the Influence
Dazed and Confused
Save your breath my brother
its not going in i'm not your disciple
I Choose How I Sin
Don't Tell Me
I want more than fights
You know I want more than tears
I want more than conversations, tell me all your fears
Real Thing
I lost my words over you and I'm sorry
am I supposed to act worried
I didn't mean to be cold just it's just a sore throat
Say it Over
But if it's over, then it's over
Doesn't have to be a teenage drama
If it's over, then it's over
If it's over, then it's over
Doesn't have to be a TV drama
If it's over, then it's over
Don't Cry
I love that new dress you bought
Yeah you sure look nice
Heard you liked that new restaurant
You know I've been there twice
And the way that you switch up your hair
All of the moments we've shared
Strolling the streets back in Rome
Oh, how I wish I was there
It ain't fair
No, it ain't fair
Face to Face
But when I come off cold
I'm not doing it on purpose
You caught me in a hole
That I dig for myself when I'm nervous
I've been on the road
I've been missing home
See it on my phone that my friends back there
Got inside jokes without me
Oh, woah
Don't mean to come off cold
I don't want to be alone
Hard Sometimes
I got front row seats for the park side livin'
Feel like the one but I'm one in a billion
Teenage cynical and I don't really know
What's the point of living if my heart gets broken?
Driving on the road, waiting for head-on collision
Springtime funeral, I miss you but I'd rather be alone
To keep me from
I don't know how it ends
Never been through this before
And when it all disappears
It's like the shadows all around you
And I know you wanna see the light
But you don't open up enough to find
We're out of time
'Cause I'm asking you
How we gonna act like nothing's wrong?
See that you been crying
But you never wanna talk about it
Just watching the clock from the sofa (Oh, oh)
Oh, I just wish you would come over
All of my friends said, "Don't worry, I promise you'll be fine"
Free Time
You and I used to walk the streets at night
Our parents didn't know, kept the TV going
And left on all the bedroom lights
And no, I haven't seen you since we lost all our innocence
You left me in the dark while you drink in the park
We'll never be the same again
You and me were so, so close
And maybe that's what hurts the most
It's out of my hands, I've done what I can
So I just save my breath
Searching for another way
Another way, another way
To keep her safe another day
Another day, another day
It's easier to runaway
Runaway, runaway
I been telling my friends I'm cool
I finally got you out my head
And if I gotta walk by your house
I take the long way home instead
'Cause I guess if I see you outside and you act like
Who am I? I won't let myself forget
'Cause every time, every time, every time
I see you I know I'm not ready yet
Not Thinking Bout You
Let you hold me, you love me
We stayed up all night
When you're talking
I'm lucky, but it wasn't right
So I call games and you say I'm dramatic
I say names on your phone, you won't have it
Just a taste of kindness, bite down so bitter
But dead leaves don't wither, oh
up to something
Facin' the sun from the rooftop
Playin' a sad song, feelin' bad for myself
All of my friends back home say I should be happy, maybe
Sofa's so uncomfortable
When I jammed the door and leave it open
But I been thinkin'
If I try again, I know I'd run
Trappin' the words to the back of my tongue
Poisonous is what I've become
I talked about it last night, thought I was fine
Helped you pack your things, put your bags in the hallway
Maybe in a past life, problems aside
We could make it home, I'd hear you when you're callin'
You're right there, yeah
But I won't say that I'm standin'
I'm right here, when I see you I panic
I'm so scared of the way it might pan out
Well, I don't want to say that this was hard, it was
Trying not to stay but that just made it worse
As long as you care
You have no idea
It's all bright lights and red eyes
Bright lights and red eyes
I'm never there
But as long as you're here
I'm all bright lights and red eyes
Bright lights and red eyes
as long as you care
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