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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user TheRealKyle96.
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Times taken 4,477
Quizmaker Rank # 3,736
3252023-08-03Randomized Pokémon Quiz by Type and Generation
1672021-10-16Dark Souls all weapons quiz
1102024-01-04Every Pokémon Type Combination
1072022-12-15From Software Games
962022-12-05Yugioh Anime Trivia
762022-03-23Most Common Competitive Pokemon Items
732022-08-25Yugioh Instant Win Cards
652023-11-19Pokemon Moves Starting with the Letter D
652021-11-12Mario Party Boards Quiz
632023-11-19Pokemon Moves Starting with the Letter B
622023-04-27Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) Hard Knowledge Quiz
602022-04-09Fire Emblem Three Houses Classes
602021-11-11Mario Party Mini-Games
562023-11-19Pokemon Moves Starting with the Letter A
562023-11-19Pokemon Moves Starting with the Letter C
552023-11-19Pokemon Moves Starting with the Letter E
542023-10-16Pokémon Category Elimination
522023-11-19Pokémon Moves Starting with the Letter T
512022-08-29Pokemon Anime Trivia - Kanto Edition
512023-11-19Pokemon Moves Starting with the Letter H
492023-11-19Pokemon Moves Starting with the Letter M
492023-11-19Pokemon Moves Starting with the Letter I, J, K
472023-11-19Pokémon Moves Starting with the Letter U and V
472023-11-19Pokémon Moves Starting with the Letter W, X, Y, Z
462023-11-19Pokemon Moves Starting with the Letter L
452024-02-08Pokemon Moves Starting with the Letter F
452021-10-16Dark Souls Characters
452022-10-29Best/Highest Rated Video Games of All Time
432021-08-01Xcom Alien Races Quiz
422023-11-19Pokemon Moves Starting with the Letter N and O
422021-09-30Banjo Kazooie/Tooie Characters
422023-10-27Pokémon Category Elimination 2
412023-11-19Pokemon Moves Starting with the Letter G
412023-11-19Pokemon Moves Starting with the Letter Q and R
402022-09-08Fire Emblem Three Houses Weapons/Magic
402023-11-19Pokémon Moves Starting with the Letter S
392021-12-26All Tony Hawk Levels Quiz
362023-04-27UbiSoft Game Franchises
352021-07-29Unreal Tournament Weapons
352022-04-11Ultimate Fire Emblem Country Quiz
342023-11-09Pokémon Category Elimination 3
332021-08-13Fire Emblem Items Quiz
332022-09-05Pokémon Anime Trivia - Hoenn Region
332022-04-30Every N64 Game Ever Created Quiz*
332024-01-04Pokemon Moves Starting with the Letter P
322023-05-08Nintendo Video Game Franchises
322023-10-13Best Selling Video Games by Console
312023-07-13Yugioh GX Trivia
302021-08-05Horizon Zero Dawn Robot Enemies Quiz
292023-02-27Name the N64 Game
292022-02-17Mario Party 3 Mini-Games
292022-01-01Highest Rated Gamecube Games of All Time
282022-09-24Pokemon Anime Trivia - Sinnoh Edition
282022-07-07Mario Party Multiple Choice
272023-08-05Name the Yugioh Archetype
272022-07-21Randomized Pokemon Quiz Gens I-IV
262021-09-09Doom Levels (Original Games)
262021-05-05Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Character Skills
252021-12-03Pokemon TMs Gen 1
252023-09-30Pokémon moves usable outside of battle
252022-10-10Pokémon that do not/cannot evolve
252022-06-11Wind Waker Islands Quiz
242022-04-22Crash Team Racing Tracks
242021-12-03Pokemon TMs Gen 3
242023-05-14Donkey Kong 64 Trivia
242022-01-01Highest Rated N64 Games of All Time
232021-08-07Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Companions
222021-12-03Pokemon TMs Gen 4
212023-02-20Yugioh Classic Cards
212021-09-30Banjo Kazooie/Tooie Transformations
212023-09-10Name the Yugioh Archetype 2
212023-10-09Pokémon - Word Chain
202022-05-09Yugi Moto's monster cards
202023-10-05Legend of Zelda Dungeon Items
192022-02-04Pokemon with Highest Speed Stats (Non-Legendaries)
192023-10-21Pokémon - Word Chain 2
182022-08-13Pokemon Trivia #2
182022-05-21Worst Video Games of All Time
182022-08-19Pokémon Abilities A-Z
182022-09-11Pokémon Trivia #3
182022-06-17Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 (KOTOR) Force Powers
182022-02-04Pokemon with Highest Attack Stats (Non-Legendaries)
182021-08-05Pokemon Colosseum Pokemon Quiz
172023-03-25Ultimate Dark Souls Series locations quiz
162022-09-22Pokémon Trivia #4
162022-10-22Pokémon Learnset Quiz
162023-06-09Pokémon Trivia - Water Type
162021-05-07All Sonic The Hedgehog Games
162022-09-19Dark Souls Trivia
162022-02-04Pokemon with Highest Sp. Atk. Stats (Non-Legendaries)
152023-01-29Pokemon with Alternate Evolution Methods
152022-07-14Pokemon Trivia
152022-09-11Pokémon Anime Trivia - Johto Edition
152023-06-18Every Fire Emblem Weapon/Magic
152023-08-24Pokémon Gym Leader TMs
152022-01-13Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Kingdoms
152022-05-09Seto Kaiba's Monster Cards
142023-04-28Electronic Arts (EA) Video Game Franchises
142023-11-05Name the Yugioh Archetype 3
142022-01-02Highest Rated Playstation (PS1) Games of All Time
132022-02-04Pokemon with Highest Defense Stats (Non-Legendaries)
132023-03-20Pokemon with Highest Sp. Def. Stats (Non-Legendaries)
132022-10-13Pokémon Trivia #5
132023-12-08Pokémon Category Elimination 4
122022-08-18Banjo Kazooie/Tooie Trivia
122023-06-09Pokémon Trivia - Fighting Type
112021-07-31Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Bosses Quiz
112021-08-21Hot Wheels Turbo Racing Cars (PS1 Game)
112024-01-22Pokémon Moves that Cause Burn
112022-09-26Pokemon Super Effective Move Quiz
112021-08-16Resident Evil REmake items
112022-04-22Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled Tracks
102023-06-15Pokémon Trivia - Fire Type
102022-10-30Pokémon Johto League Theme Lyrics
102022-07-21Turn-Based Video Game Franchises
102022-12-22Pokémon Trivia #6
102023-02-17Tales (Of) Series Games
92023-06-09Pokémon Trivia - Dark Type
92023-02-26Name the Sega Genesis Game
92023-06-09Pokémon Trivia - Bug Type
92022-08-13Pokémon - Ability to Pokémon
92021-07-29Unreal Tournament Maps
92021-12-03Pokemon TMs Gen 2
92022-07-04Video Game Characters First Appearance
92023-06-09Pokémon Trivia - Steel Type
92022-10-29Pokémon Orange Islands Theme Song
92023-06-09Pokémon Trivia - Dragon Type
82024-01-22Pokémon Moves that Cause Sleep
82023-11-30Pokémon Gen 1 Items
82024-01-22Pokémon Moves that Cause Freeze
82023-06-09Pokémon Trivia - Electric Type
82024-01-22Pokémon Moves that Cause Poison
82023-03-31Top Five Speed Pokémon in Each Type
82023-06-09Pokemon Trivia - Ghost Type
82023-06-09Pokémon Trivia - Ice Type
82021-11-14Mario party items quiz
82022-01-23Fire Emblem Sacred Stones Sacred Weapons
82022-10-10Mega Man X Series Weapons
72023-03-04Name the Gamecube Game
72023-11-12Pokémon Word Chain 3
72023-06-09Pokémon Trivia - Ground Type
72023-06-09Pokémon Trivia - Poison Type
72022-01-01SSX Riders
72023-06-09Pokémon Trivia - Normal Type Edition
72023-06-23Gears of War Weapons
72023-06-09Pokémon Trivia - Psychic Type
72023-05-04Pokémon Moves by Generation
72022-02-10Diddy Kong Racing Racers
72022-05-23Fire Emblem Three Houses Combat Arts
72023-03-31Top Five Special Attack Pokémon in Each Type
72023-06-09Pokémon Trivia - Fairy Type
72024-01-22Pokémon Moves that Cause Paralysis
62022-02-19James Bond Video Games
62023-07-24Dark Souls Enemies
52021-07-29Lost Kingdoms Card List
52023-06-09Pokémon Trivia - Flying Type
52023-03-31Top Five Attack Pokémon in Each Type
52023-03-31Top Five Defense Pokémon in Each Type
52021-09-04Valkyria Chronicles Characters
52021-08-05Unreal Tournament Teams
52022-01-23Fire Emblem Sacred Stones Kingdoms
52023-07-03Name the PlayStation Game
42021-11-15Mario party orb/capsule quiz
42021-10-02Golden Sun Character and Locations Quiz
42023-11-30Pokémon Cities and Towns by Landmark
42023-06-09Pokémon Trivia - Rock Type
42023-03-31Dark Souls 2 all weapons quiz
42023-03-31Top Five Special Defense Pokémon in Each Type
42021-08-20SSX Levels
42023-06-09Pokémon Trivia - Grass Type
32022-11-24Doom 3 Weapons
32023-06-24Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Weapons
32021-08-22Lost Kingdoms Levels
32023-02-05Banjo Kazooie/Tooie moves
32021-09-04Peggle Characters Quiz
32022-04-11Games by Collectable
32023-07-17Pokémon Rhymes
32023-08-14Yuigoh Flavor Text Quiz
32023-08-21Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 Hard Knowledge Quiz
22024-02-12Mass Effect Multiple Choice
22022-01-13Pokemon Stadium Kids Club Mini-Games
22021-12-20Star Fox 64 Levels Quiz
22023-03-13Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Weapons
22021-09-04Golden Sun Djinn
12024-02-17Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Knowledge
12022-02-25Hydro Thunder Racetracks
12021-09-04Snowboard Kids Levels and Characters
12021-08-01Ninja Gaiden Weapon Quiz
12022-04-22Crash Tag Team Racing Tracks
12022-02-10Fuzion Frenzy Mini-Games
02022-02-25Hydro Thunder Boats
02023-03-25Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour Courses
02022-07-04Jade Empire Characters
02024-02-22Fire Emblem Sacred Stones Map Quiz