Statistics for Banjo Kazooie/Tooie Characters

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HintAnswer% Correct
Main Protagonist; Easygoing Honey BearBanjo
Main Protagonist; Sarcastic Bird that helps the main duo flyKazooie
Main Villain of the games; Evil witch with a lair in Spiral MountainGruntilda
Mole who teaches main protagonists moves in the first game; has bad case of death in the second gameBottles
Shaman who helps transform Main protagonists in the first game and uses magic spells in the second game; lives in a giant skull houseMumbo Jumbo
Honey Bears Sister; kidnapped in the first game for evil witch to steal her beauty and youthTootie
Main Henchman of the main villain; uses potions to fight you and gets progressively less handsome as the game goes onKlungo
Native American shaman who takes over transformation duties in the second game; lives in a wigwam and has a magic poolHumba Wumba
Hip King who rules over the village near Spiral Mountain in the second game; gets zombified after you talk to himKing Jingaling
Drill sergeant who lives in silos in the second game; teaches the main protagonists moves to progress through the game if you have the right number of musical notesJamJars
Unlocks levels in the second game; has a temple near the mayahem temple level accessible with the correct number of jiggiesMaster Jiggywiggy
Takes the Main protagonists empty honeycombs in exchange for expanded health bar; lives near glitter gulch mine in the second gameHoney B
Very Large sister of Main villain; seen in the second game in the quiz finaleBlobbelda
Very Skinny sister of the main villain; also seen in the second game in the quiz finaleMingella

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