Banjo Kazooie/Tooie Trivia

Can you answer these questions about Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie on the N64?
Quiz by TheRealKyle96
Last updated: August 18, 2022
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1. Banjo's Sister Tootie is kidnapped in the first game by Gruntilda and Banjo must rescue her. Why does Gruntilda kidnap her?
To lure Banjo into a trap
Because she has no friends and wants one
To get back at Banjo for dropping a boulder on her
To steal her youth and beauty
It is shown in the cutscene when you quit the game.
2. What device is used to take shortcuts around Gruntilda's lair once you have discovered a pair of them?
Treasure Chests
Flight Pads
They are color coordinated.
3. What is the first level of Banjo Kazooie called?
Mumbos Mountain
Click Clock Wood
Glitter Gulch Mine
Mayahem Temple
Mayahem Temple is Banjo Tooies first level.
4. What level in Banjo Kazooie contains oily water that drains air twice as fast as normal from Banjo and Kazooie?
Clankers Cavern
Jolly Rogers Lagoon
Rusty Bucket Bay
None of the above
5. There is a shark patrolling the waters of Rusty Bucket Bay and Treasure Trove Cove. What is his name?
Grant Kirkhope
The shark music is great too.
6. Mumbo Jumbo transforms Banjo into many things in the first game. What does he NOT transform him into?
Submarine transformation is in Jolly Rogers Lagoon in Banjo Tooie
7. In the first world of Banjo Kazooie, Bear and bird get the ability to climb steep slopes. What is this ability called?
Wonder Wing
Flip Flap
Talon Trot
Speed Shoes
8. Mr. Boggy is a character in Freezeezy Peak in Banjo Kazooie who you race for Jiggies. What else must you do to help him in this level?
Find presents for his children
Get him a Fish
Fix his television
Unfreeze him
You get him a fish in Banjo Tooie in Hailfire Peaks.
9. In the level Mad Monster Mansion, what does Mumbo Jumbo transform Banjo and Kazooie into?
A ghost
A pumpkin
A bat
A wizard
10. In the level Gobi's Valley, you must help a struggling tree get water to grow to find a Jiggie. How do you obtain this water?
Finding a bucket to use in the central pit and carrying it over
Getting a Sphinx to sneeze on him
Transforming into a snowball
Hitting Gobi the camel on the back
The sneezing sphinx opens a pyramid.
11. In Bubblegloop Swamp, you must compete against a red crocodile to eat more jumblies inside of a giant crocodile head, what is this crocodiles name?
12. Click Clock Wood has a Mumbo Jumbo transformation, but only in one season. Which season can you transform in?
13. The picture to unlock Click Clock Wood is reachable early on in the game in Banjo Kazooie, why can't the player unlock the level early?
A note door guards the picture
The Jigsaw platform for the picture is missing
It is unlockable early, but the player cannot reach the level until the end of the game
The entire picture is blanked out
14. How many notes and jiggies are needed to reach the final battle with Gruntilda?
100 jiggies and 900 notes
85 jiggies and 740 notes
94 jiggies and 810 notes
92 jiggies and 740 notes
15. In the first games final battle with Gruntilda, what is the name of the statue that helps you defeat her?
The Minjonator
The Jinjonator
The King Jingaling
The Mighty Morphin Power Ranger
16. In Banjo Tooie, worlds are unlocked in whose temple?
The Grand Jiggynator
The Great High Wizard Jiggerlin
Master Jiggywiggy
Jigmaster Mcfly
17. The first level unlocked in Banjo Tooie is what?
Glitter Gulch Mine
Mumbo's Mountain
Mayahem Temple
18. Mumbo Jumbo does magical spells in Banjo Tooie. Who takes over for him in transforming Banjo and Kazooie?
Brentilda Winkybunion
The Sorceress
Humba Wumba
Mumbo does both spells and transformation
19. Which annoying character do you race for a Jiggy in Glitter Gulch Mine?
Captain Blubber
Canary Mary
Honey B
Although the Cloud Cuckooland race is the most awful.
20. Witchyworld has several themed areas to it. Which area theme does it not have?
21. Mumbo does many spells in Banjo Tooie, which of these does he not do?
Life Force
22. What are the fates of George and Mildred ice cube in Banjo Tooie?
They are reunited after Banjo finds Mildred's husband George
Banjo kills Mildred and George melts
George crashes from the clouds and shatters when he lands, Mildred is fine
A hurricane sweeps them into the sky
To be fair, she wouldn't give up the jinjo. And George did let those kids swim.
23. There are Giant Squids in Jolly Roger's Lagoon blocking the way to other areas underwater. How do you get past them?
Watch the tentacles pattern and dodge them
Use ice eggs to freeze the squid temporarily
Use grenade eggs to blow up the squid
You must be a submarine to get past them
24. How many floors does Grunty Industries have, excluding the roof?
25. The main entrance to Grunty industries is closed upon entering the world. How do you get into the building?
Find a flight pad and shoot out a window
Use split up pads near the entrance to unlock the main door
Find a battery to plug into the outlet next to the entrance
Find a train switch and use Chuffy the train
26. Hailfire Peaks has two bosses. What are there names?
Chili Willy and Chili Billy
Icy Mikey and Hot Scott
Freeze Steve and Flame Jane
Fireball Paul and Hail Gail
I had a hard time coming up with fake names for this one.
27. Cloud Cuckooland is the final main level of Banjo Tooie. What odd sight does it NOT have?
A giant trash can
A giant stinky cheese wedge
A giant nest
A giant jelly castle
28. Gruntilda has an assistant that suffers much abuse during Banjo Tooie and gets progressively less handsome. What is his name?
29. Bottles teaches the player moves in the first game, but is dead in the second game. Who teaches moves instead?
Honey B
Sgt. Drill
30. The final area of the game was supposed to be a full level with 10 jiggies, but was reduced to a short area before the final boss. What level is it?
Cauldron Keep
Grunty Mountain
Gruntilda's Castle
None of the above
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