Mario party items quiz

Items started to be introduced in Mario Party 2. Can you name some of these items that appeared throughout the series?
Quiz by TheRealKyle96
Last updated: November 14, 2021
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Grants the user 2 dice blocks for their turn; appeared first in MP2
Grants the user 3 dice blocks for their turn; appeared first in MP2
Golden Mushroom
Open specific doors on the map containing shortcuts or alternate routes; appeared in MP2 and 3 and were very sad to leave you
Skeleton Key
Item that allows the user to steal one item from another player; debuted in MP2
Plunder Chest
Challenge another player to a 1v1 minigame for coins or a star; debuted in MP2
Dueling Glove
Randomly swaps the players position on the board with another player; debuted in MP2
Warp Block
Takes the player directly to the star space upon usage; debuted in MP2
Magic Lamp
Call upon Boo to steal stars or coins from another player; debuted in MP2
Boo Bell
The player gains the appearance of Bowser and steals coins from any other player they pass; debuted in MP2
Bowser Suit
Bowser appears from Baby Bowsers space and uses multiple dice blocks to try and get players coins; debuted in MP2 (exclusive)
Bowser Bomb
Calls up Toad's or Baby Bowser' shop in MP3 to purchase an item without going in person
Cellular Shopper
Scares away boo when he tries to steal from the player; MP3
Boo Repellant
Item that causes any players dice block to go from 1-3 on that turn;MP3 sold by Baby Bowser
Poison Mushroom
Item that causes any player to go in the opposite direction for a turn, can choose any path at intersections; sold by Baby Bowser MP3
Reverse Mushroom
Item that causes the star to change locations; purchased from Baby Bowser MP3
Lucky Lamp
Randomly get three items from the shop when purchased
Item Bag
Rare Item MP3; sets the game to the last five turns when used
Wacky Watch
Rare Item MP3; allows the player to withdraw all money from the bank when passing by it
Koopa Kard
Rare Item MP3; allows the player to trade all items between themselves to another player
Barter Box
Rare Item MP3; allows the player to make anyone play a game guy mini-game for all their coins
Lucky Charm
Grants the player 2 dice blocks and allows them to squish other players and take their coins; also skips board events; MP4 exclusive
Mega Mushroom
Player becomes tiny and can use specific shortcuts and board events; rolls a 1-5 dice block; MP4 exclusive
Mini Mushroom
Player lays item on current space; when opponent passes by they lose 3 coins for every space they move on that turn
Sparky Sticker
Replaces the item that changes board positions with another player from earlier games; uses a roulette wheel instead of random swap
Warp Pipe
Player makes another player Large or Tiny for their next turn; uses random selection
Mini-Mega Hammer
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