Mario Party Multiple Choice

Can you answer these questions about the Mario Party Series correctly?
Quiz by TheRealKyle96
Last updated: July 7, 2022
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1. Which of these Mario Party games does not have a Bowser Board?
The Final Board in the game is Waluigi's Island.
2. Which item does NOT take you directly to the star if used?
Wiggler Capsule
Flutter Orb
Miracle Capsule
Magic Lamp
The Miracle Capsule switches coins and stars between 1st and 4th place if you get three.
3. Which of these is NOT a Mario Party 5 Board?
Toy Dream
Space Dream
Sweet Dream
Rainbow Dream
The space themed board in Mario Party 5 is called Future Dream.
4. Which of these characters are not duel mode attacking and defending characters in Mario Party 3?
Mr. Blizzard
Chain Chomp
Koopa Troopa is a companion character, not paratroopa.
5. The day/night cycle is the main gimmick of Mario Party 6. Which board was the first in the series to use this idea?
Horror Land
Woody Woods
Boo's Haunted Bash
Undersea Dream
6. Which of these boards is not from Mario Party 1?
Mario's Rainbow Castle
Toad's Midway Madness
Luigi's Engine Room
Peach's Birthday Cake
Toad's Midway Madness is from Mario Party 4.
7. Who is having a war in Wario's Battle Canyon?
Pirates vs. Ninjas
Whomps vs Thwomps
Goombas vs Paragoombas
Red Bob-Ombs vs Black Bob-Ombs
If you guessed Pirates vs Ninjas, Really? Really?
8. Which item can allow you to access special item and coin minigames in Mario Party 4?
Mini Mushroom
Mega Mushroom
Golden Mushroom
Magic Mushroom
9. Which game in the series introduced Mini-Stars and the car mechanic?
And what a terrible mechanic it was.
10. Which of these maps do NOT have a property buying mechanic to control stars on the board?
Koopa's Tycoon Town
Koopa's Seaside Soiree
Its a trick. All of them have this.
Koopa's Seaside Soiree has a cabana that steals your money and gets wiped out by a tidal wave.
11. Which of these characters was playable in the first Mario Party game?
Donkey Kong
It was only later he got the DK space.
12. What is the board gimmick in the Grand Canal board in Mario Party 7?
Riding chain chomps to steal stars
One path to the top of the board for the star
Three chests with one containing the star
None of the above
Grand Canal is the standard board in the game. Pyramid Park has the Chain Chomps, Pagoda Peak climbs the board, Neon Heights has 3 chests.
13. Which game in the series was developed in 2021 for the Nintendo Switch and features classic boards from the first three games returning to the series?
Super Mario Party
Mario Party Superstars
Mario Party Island Tour
Mario Party Star Rush
It's the best one too.
14. The first three Mario Party games have an ! space on the board. What is that event called in these games?
Reversal of Fortune
Lucky Space
Chance Time
Item Space
Reversal of fortune was the Gamecubes games version.
15. Who was the the developer for Mario Party 1 through Mario Party 8?
From Soft
Hudson Soft
From Soft developed Dark Souls, NDcube took over after Hudson Soft.
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