Nintendo Video Game Franchises

Can you name these franchises owned or created by Nintendo?
Quiz by TheRealKyle96
Last updated: May 8, 2023
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A series where you are a human character in a village of anthropomorphic animals doing daily activities such as fishing or collecting insects. The latest game in the series is New Horizons.
Animal Crossing
A character who initially was a villain in a Mario arcade game in a series with his friend Diddy and Dixie riding animals like rhinoceros. The latest in the series is Tropical Freeze.
Donkey Kong Country
Race as Cpt. Falcon on stages like Mute City and Big Blue in this franchise. Games include Grand Prix, X, and GX
A series of turn based video games where the protagonist is typically a lord recruiting an army over a series of chapters. Class promotions and weapon triangle elements are included. Games include Shadow Dragon, Path of Radiance, and Three Houses.
Fire Emblem
Save the world or Weyard with the power of Psyenergy as Isaac or Felix and their friends in this Game boy RPG series with turn-based combat. Games include the Lost Age and Dark Dawn.
Golden Sun
A small series, play as Pit trying to save the Goddess Palutena with sacred relics and weapons. The latest game in the series is Uprising
Kid Icarus
Play as a small pink balloon like creature who can suck his enemies into his mouth and fight villain King Dedede. Games include Dream Land, The Crystal Shards, and Epic Yarn.
Play as Link saving the kingdom of Hyrule with the power of the Triforce. Games include A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, and Breath of the Wild.
The Legend of Zelda
A spinoff of the Mario games, roll dice on game boards and participate in mini-games to collect coins to purchase stars. Ten numbered entries in the series and many other games as well.
Mario Party
Samus Aran is a bounty hunter for the Federation, fighting off an evil force and the villain Ridley. Games include Echoes, Federation Force, and Dread.
Another spinoff of the Mario games, this one has a very "thin" premise and turn based combat. Games include the Thousand Year Door, Sticker Star, and the Origami King.
Paper Mario
An incredibly popular series that features lovable creatures such as Pikachu and Charizard, as well as protagonist Ash Ketchum in tv show format. Games include Red, Gold, Diamond, and Violet.
Play as an elite space-fighting force of anthropomorphic animals trying to defeat the evil Andross and other villains in defense of the Lylat System. Games include 64, Adventures, and Assault.
Star Fox
All of the members of the Nintendo franchises battle each other on stages representing their franchises. Games include Melee, Brawl, and Ultimate.
Super Smash Bros.
Play as Mario's counterpart in his iconic yellow outfit and reversed letter hat to collect treasure. Games include various numbered entries.
Wario Land
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