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Ash travels with Dawn during his journeys through the region. Which Pokemon does she get in a trade with Ash?Aipom
Ash defeats Paul in a final 6v6 match at the Sinnoh league. What two Pokémon face off in the climactic final battle?Infernape vs Electivire
Which evil Team do Ash and Co. face off with during the Sinnoh journeys?Team Galactic
Which rival of Ash in the Sinnoh region did he get his Chimchar from after it was abandoned by him?Paul
What is the name of the Pokémon professor in the Sinnoh Region?Professor Rowan
What alter ego does Jessie take on when she competes in contests against Dawn?Jessilina
What is the first Pokemon that Ash acquired in the Sinnoh region?Starly
What happened to Dawn at the beginning of her journey with Ash that also happened to Misty and May?They got their bikes destroyed by Pikachu
Ash loses to Tobias, who goes on to win the Sinnoh League. What legendary pokemon does Tobias use to defeat almost all of his opponents single-handedly?Darkrai
Which Elite Four Member does Ash battle in the Sinnoh region prior to the Sinnoh League?Flint
What food is Champion Cynthia shown to be quite fond of in the anime?Ice Cream
Ash's Gible had a problem when attempting to learn the move Draco Meteor. What was the problem?It always homed in on Dawns Piplup
What is unique about Ash's battle with Maylene, the fighting type gym leader?He ends the match in a draw, but gets the badge anyways
Dawn gets her Togekiss from a princess who she trades places with for a day because they look exactly alike. What was her name?Princess Salvia
Who does Ash defeat in the round of 16 in the Sinnoh League?Conway

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