Pokemon Trivia #2

Can you answer these Pokémon Trivia questions?
Quiz by TheRealKyle96
Last updated: August 13, 2022
First submittedAugust 13, 2022
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1. Which of these is true about the Pokémon Magikarp?
If you lose to it you must quit playing pokemon
It will not learn any TM moves
It is the only Pokemon to deal damage with splash
It has the lowest stat total of all pokemon
The last one should probably be true too. Also, Sunkern has the lowest bast stat total.
2. What is the most common Pokemon ability in the games?
Swift Swim
44 Pokemon have Swift Swim.
3. Which entry hazard is removable without using rapid spin or defog?
Stealth Rock
Sticky Web
Toxic Spikes
A grounded poison type will absorb toxic spikes and remove them.
4. Which Pokemon Generation introduced the least amount of Pokemon?
Gen 5
Gen 6
Gen 2
Gen 8
Gen 6 only released 72 Pokemon.
5. Which of these moves does NOT force your opponent to switch to another Pokemon?
Storm Throw
Circle Throw
Dragon Tail
Storm Throw is a move that always critical hits the foe.
6. Ice moves are not very effective against water. Which one of these ice moves is Super Effective against water?
Aurora Beam
There are none. The question says so.
Icy Wind
Freeze Dry
7. You are using a Rhyperior with Solid Rock as its ability. My Starmie attacks it with Ice Beam. What times damage will your Pokémon take?
1x damage
1.25x damage
2x damage
1.5x damage
Solid Rock reduces damage by 25% on super effective hits.
8. Which of these moves bypasses the effects of Protect and Detect to stop all attacks on the user?
Mach Punch
Feint Attack
Fake Out
9. Pokemon have have many type combinations throughout the lifespan of the games. Which of these type combinations have not been used?
Hawlucha is Fighting/Flying, Empoleon is Water/Steel, Jellicent is Water/Ghost.
10. Which Non-Legendary Pokemon has the highest base Speed total?
Mega Aerodactyl
Only two Pokemon have higher speed than ninjask, Deoxys-Speed form and Regeileki
11. Which of these Pokemon has the lowest base speed out of all Pokemon?
They are all the slowest
They all have 5 base speed.
12. How would you get a Shedinja in a pokemon game?
Evolve it from Nincada with a pokeball and available team slot
Evolve Nincada at nighttime
Evolve a Nincada at a Moss Rock
Simply evolve it from Nincada
Moss rock and nighttime evolutions are for Eevee.
13. What is the Steel type super effective against?
Ice and Rock
Rock, Electric, and Poison
Ground, Fairy, and Poison
Ice, Rock, and Fairy
14. How many types is Ice type weak to?
It is weak to fighting, steel, fire and rock
15. What spinoff pokemon series had players as a human turned into a pokemon and creating a team to rescue other pokemon?
Pokemon Trozei
Pokemon Ranger
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Pokemon Snap
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