Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) Hard Knowledge Quiz

Can you answer these questions regarding Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic?
Quiz by TheRealKyle96
Last updated: April 27, 2023
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What is the name of the crew member who helps you out on the Endar Spire?
What do you need to get into the lower city on Taris?
Sith Uniform/Sith Disguise
Which swoop gang in the lower city has their prototype Swoop Racing Engine stolen?
Hidden Beks
Which swoop gang stole that prototype Engine?
Black Vulkars
Which group (race) of slavers has kidnapped Mission Vao's friend Zaalbar?
Who was the old man who wants you to find the Promised Land in the Undercity in Taris?
Who owns the Ebon Hawk on Taris before you kill him and take it?
Davik Kang
Name one of the Masters on Dantooine who are part of the Council
Who are the two families whose dispute you must resolve for the Council on Dantooine?
Sandrals and Matales
What area has Juhani tainted with the dark side on Dantooine?
The Ancient Grove
What is the name of the Jedi dispatched to access the star map on Dantooine before Revan and Bastila arrive?
Whose mother do you encounter on Tatooine?
Which bounty hunter do you re-encounter on your first planet that you visit after Dantooine?
Calo Nord
Which corporation is offering bounties for the Sand People's Gaffi Sticks on Tatooine?
Which species/race has being captured by the sand people on Tatooine?
What is guarding the Star Map on Tatooine?
Krayt Dragon
What is the name of the native species that inhabits Manaan
What is the name of Jolee Bindo's friend who is on trial for murder on Manaan?
What is the resource that helps the inhabitants of Manaan maintain their neutrality?
How do you defend yourself underwater on Manaan?
Sonic Emitter
What is guarding the Star Map on Manaan?
Mother Firaxan Shark
What is the name of Darth Malak's apprentice who confronts you on the second planet you arrive on?
Darth Bandon
What is the name of Zaalbar's Brother who runs the Wookie clan on Kashyyyk?
What creature do you have to kill on Kashyyyk to get Bacca's Ceremonial Sword blade?
Who is ambushing wookies in the lower forest area of Kashyyyk for training?
What do the Czerka corporation people want you to collect for them on Kashyyyk forest floor?
Tach Glands
What is the name of the Ship that captures you and your crew on the way to your final planet?
Who is the commanding officer of the ship that captures you on the way to your final planet?
Saul Karath
What is the name of the settlement on Korriban that you land on?
Name one of the tombs that you can enter to gain favor at the sith academy on Korriban
Ajunta Pall/Tulak Hord/Marka Ragnos
Who are the two sith in charge of running the academy on Korriban?
Yathura Ban and Uthar Wynn
Which tomb must you enter to find the star map on Korriban?
Naga Sadow
What species used to have a galaxy spanning empire, but is now stuck on their home planet near the Star Forge?
Name on of the Tribes on the planet you crash land on trying to reach the Star Forge?
Elders/Tribe of the One
What force power can you use to regain health during the final battle on the Star Forge from the Jedi in stasis?
Drain Life/Death Field
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