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Last updated: January 24, 2023
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First submittedApril 6, 2022
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Assasination that started the war
Franz Ferdinand
First major battle.
Battle of the Marne
Plan the Germans used to invade France
Schlieffen Plan
Famous German commander
Paul Von Hindenburg
Area of land between front lines.
No Mans Land
Leader of the Triple alliance
German Empire
Leader of the Triple Entente
British Empire
Type of obstacle in the area between trenches
Barbed Wire
Animal used as an airborne messenger
Country where the majority of fighting took place
Location of failed Allied landing
Year that Russia withdrew from the conflict
New type of soldier used by the Germans in 1918
Weapon that caused the most casualties
Massive Allied offensive 1916
The Somme Offensive
Battle that was the reason for the above
Siege of Verdun
Leader of Germany
Kaiser Whilhelm II
Battle where Spirits or ghosts were thought to have been involved
Battle of Mons
Famous German Ace
The Red Baron
Famous Canadian Ace
Billy Bishop
Forest where the US army fought a large battle
The Argonne
Famous book about the war
All Quiet on the Western Front
Treaty that ended the war
Treaty of Versailles
Future leader of the UK who fought
Winston Churchill
Future leader of Germany
Adolf Hitler
Level 56
Apr 7, 2022
Hope you enjoyed it!!
Level 71
Jan 22, 2023
You should definitely add some type-ins so I don't have to fully type country or battle name
Level 77
Jan 22, 2023
Agreed. Verdun didn’t work, Battle of Verdun didn’t work… so I stopped writing and gave up on the quiz. Not accepting Germany for German Empire is also a bit too strict in my opinion… it made me wonder what you meant by “leader”.
Level 56
Jan 22, 2023
I think I fixed the issue, thanks for the feedback!
Level 59
Jan 22, 2023
I genuinely don't know how I succeed to have only 9/25 while having all the answers. For most of them, several answers can be used, and some type-ins need to be added.
Level 56
Jan 22, 2023
Hey quiz takers, Thank you for the feedback! This is my first quiz and I did my best to fix the issues.
Level 75
Jan 22, 2023
Can you accept UK for British empire and Manfred von Richthofen or Richthofen for the Red Baron?
Level 84
Jan 23, 2023
I like it overall. I'd probably accept "Somme" in lieu of typing out "The Somme Offensive."
Level 89
Jan 30, 2023
Churchill absolutely did not fight in WW1. He infamously hid the disaster of Gallipoli by censoring the press and reports to Parliament so he wouldn't look bad, thereby killing 100s of 1,000s more people.
Level 56
Feb 2, 2023
He did serve on the western front as an officer until 1916. You are correct that he did cover up Gallipoli. And due to the Gallipoli campaign failure He was demoted and resigned from his government position. He then went and fought until 1916