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472021-06-07Top 15 Most Free Countries
392021-06-07Top 15 Least Free Countries
392021-06-18The Beatles Songs With Names In Them
362021-06-09How Every President Died According to Wikipedia
352021-06-07Common Word Use Mistakes in the English Language
292021-06-12Places That I JUST Can't Seem to Spell Right
262021-06-28Countries That Have/Had Monarchies
242021-06-07US President Initials According to Wikipedia
172021-06-19Territories of the World By Country According To Wikipedia Pt 1
122021-06-04Countries That Are Most Guessed (I Think)
102021-06-22The Catholic Bible Tiles
102021-06-01Georgia, USA Quiz
92021-06-04Genres of Music (With Sub-Categories Too!)
82021-06-30USA State and Territories Populations
62021-05-17The Beatles Pt 1.
52021-06-12Meaning of COMMON Female Names
52021-06-04What/whom was the state origin?
42021-06-01Which state was the name origin...? A-I
32021-06-02What/whom was the state origin?
32021-07-07Independence/Republic Days in Countries That Have At Least one Pt 1
22021-09-15The Axolotl Quiz
22021-09-06Freddie Mercury Quiz
22021-07-08World Leaders Who Were Assassinated
22021-06-04State Origin
12021-09-18Cat Breed Quizzes-Bombays!!
12021-09-15Cat Breed Quizzes- Maine Coons!
12021-09-15I Have Seen Many People With the Birthday...
12021-09-14I Have Seen Many People With the Name...
12021-07-31First Cat Breed That Comes To Mind By Letter
12021-09-119/11 Quiz
12021-06-09Extinct Cat Breeds According to Wikipedia
12021-09-18Cat Breed Quizzes-Turkish Vans!
12021-06-03What/whom was the state origin?
12021-07-24This is NOT a quiz this is something I just want to inform y'all about
12021-07-24Can y'all Teach me a language? This is a poll. Most voted is taught
12021-07-27The First First Name That Comes In Mind By Letter
12021-07-29USA Quiz- Simple
02021-09-12The Cutest but Critically Endangered Animals.
02021-07-21The Hermann Stiefvater Quiz (He's On My Dad's Mom's Side of the Fam)
02021-07-09Quiz zu Deutschland, aber auf Deutsch
02021-08-06First Names By Place In Country- Antigua & Barbuda