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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Owen28Baje
# of Quizzes 102
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Times taken 4,957
Quizmaker Rank # 2,334
8012022-05-27Countries of the World Quiz in a Broken Map (Ultimate Ending)
2762022-01-09Fast Typing (Red is Sus)
2572022-02-13South American Quiz with a Broken Map
1912022-03-02European Georgraphy by Letter S
1892021-10-18App Logos Quiz #1
1762022-02-17European Quiz with a Broken Map
1252022-02-14North American Quiz with a Broken Map
1122022-02-14African Quiz with a Broken Map
962022-03-08Asian Quiz with a Broken Map
932022-04-27Fast Typing (JetPunk)
902022-04-24Oceania Quiz with a Broken Map
782022-02-03Fast Typing (When the Imposter is Sus)
742021-10-06Fast Typing (No)
732022-01-26Merged Soviet Flags
702021-10-03Countries That Hate Each Other #1
652021-09-164 Clues, 1 Country
612021-10-12Countries that the word is Merged #1 (50 words)
592022-02-06"Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley Lyrics (Special Rickroll Day)
582021-06-21WW2 Quizzes #1
562022-02-08European Georgaphy by Letter #1
552021-09-26Mystery Country by Borders #1
512021-07-08Math Speed Test #1 (Prime Numbers in 1-50)
482021-09-28Landlocked European Countries with Clues
482022-02-10Top 20 Country Flags with the Most Stars
472022-01-30Top 10 Countries with the Most Volcanoes
462022-01-31Empires that have Shapes
422022-03-03Identify the Place #1 (starts letter A)
422021-09-19Identify the Places #3 (starts with letter C)
402022-01-03Countries that Colonized Antarctica
382021-10-03Fast Typing (Nani)
372021-09-30Identify the Places #4 (starts letter D)
372022-01-03Random Merged Country Words#2 (Chapter #1- Stans in Asians
362021-06-21States that border Mexico and Canada
362022-02-10Top 10 Roblox Games that got Hacked
362021-12-17Identify the Year #1
352021-10-21Biggest Countries by Letter
352021-09-01Identify the Place #2 (Starts letter B) Double Remastered
342022-02-08Identify the Places #6 (Starts letter F)
342021-10-14Flags With Suns on Them
342022-01-02Countries that have the most islands
342021-09-29Countries by Continent using Tiles
322021-10-06WW2 Quizzes #2
322021-09-20Hard Country Shapes Quiz #1
322022-01-13African Geography #1
322021-09-02Asia A-Z in 2 minutes
322021-09-14Seven Days in 30 seconds
312022-08-09Countries hidden in a Sentence #1
282022-01-25WW2 Quizzes #3
282021-09-26Country not border to Another Country
282021-10-10Countries that border Denmark
272022-03-06Identify the Place #5 (starts letter E) Remastered
272021-12-09Random Riddles by Country #1
262021-10-27Country Flags that have 2 colors of it
252022-02-01South American Geography
242022-02-14Fast Typing 1 to 500 in 8 minutes
242021-10-18Country Borders #1 (Country border a Country that Starts letter A)
242021-06-22Tri Border Countries # 1
242021-10-03Fast Typing A-Z in Random
232021-07-12Countries that border India by Clues
232021-09-21Country Shapes in Pixels #1
232022-01-13Random Merged Country Words #2 (Stans in Europeans)
222021-09-21Countries that border Algeria
222021-09-14Top 10 Countries that it Last Alphabetically in 1 minute
222021-07-08Flags Hard Quiz#1
222022-02-28Random Merged Country Words #2 (Chapter 4: Stans in Oceanians)
212021-10-14Country or Country #1
212021-09-21Country Shapes with Flags #1
202022-02-06Comparison #1
202021-09-13Among Us A-Z
192021-07-18Countries that border Asia
192021-12-31Identify the Year #2
192021-09-28Countries that border Oman
192021-10-12National Anthems of the World #1
182021-09-16Countries with Flags that it is at Southern Africa
182022-04-22Random Riddles by Country #2 (Europe)
172022-02-09Adding Words to Make Country Names #1
172022-01-17The National Anthem of Soviet Union (English)
162022-02-10Hardest Quiz by Tile #1
152021-10-13The Hidden Country Word (Highlight it) #1
152021-10-13Fast Typing (Triskaidekaphobia)
152021-09-02Countries that border Nile River
152022-01-26Capital Riddles #1 (Eurasia)
142022-02-02Random Merged Country Words #2 (Chapter #3:Stans in Africans)
142022-05-09Afro-Eurasian Countries That They are Touch the Sea and Ocean
142022-03-16Soviet Anthem But It's Misheard
132022-07-06List of Presidents of the Philippines
132021-12-09Flag Creator #1 ( Tri-Color Flags)
122021-12-15Fast Typing A-Z (Backwards)
112021-09-13Trip Game #1 U.S to Argentina
112022-02-02Identify the Year #3
102022-01-26"Unscramble It" #1 (Borders)
92022-02-01List of Roblox Games
92022-08-10Mystery Tile #1 (You ___ from Casino)
92022-07-06Vice Presidents of the Philippines
82022-01-19Merged Roblox Games #1
62022-08-15Fast Typing: Omae wa moi shindeiru, Nani!
52022-05-05Philippine Geography Quiz #1 (Spanish Colonization)
52022-08-13Fast Typing to 101 (Special 101st Owen28Baje's Quiz Created
52022-02-03Identify the Meme
32022-03-03Gas Gas Gas (Manuel) Lyrics Quiz
22021-07-31National Day of Countries #1(January and February)
22022-08-12Geo-Merge-try Dash