Sleeping Wolf Songs by First Lyrics

Can you name all the songs from American pop-rock band Sleeping Wolf from their first lyrics
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Last updated: September 18, 2022
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Pull me in, no, I cannot resist every time your gravity has a hold on me
I see your face it turns circle the crowded room, burning electric into me, I know you feel it too. Stealing another touch, I draw the temperature, I wanna give you everything, want you to be my cure
Come and Get Me
I drive by your house all the time hoping to see your face in the lights, wish that I knew how to tell you, oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh
We were drifting all night, losing hold of the light but I saw in your eyes, I was never alone, even when it got hard, when the shore was too far, even there your arms I've always been home
The Wreck of Our Hearts
Tonight I need to breathe, but there's nobody left but you and me, as far as I can tell the world has gone to hell
Demons at the Door
Hey, when you're walking in, with another guy tryin' to pretend, hey, that you don't see me
Wake up, somewhere, fell asleep in a Pontiac Firebird and I don't know where, she leans on the window, passed out since we're done shooting fireworks in the fallen snow
Star Fire
Burn, we're burning wild into the dark, come feel the beating of my heart (heart). Turn, and walk with me under the lights, the streets at night a place to hide, whoa
Skylines, crashed some party in the Hollywood hills, in bright lights, small talk, more drinks, more casual thrills
We will stand, we will fight, we'll take everything we need, we won't lay down and die, this is who we are meant to be
New Kings
I hear the sounds repeating echos in the distance, familiar rounds of sunder telegraph a war, the evil winds it way through every television, the fear is blinding me to shatter to the core
Love is the Cure
I walk these city streets, took home a troubled mind, the shadows circle 'round my head again. I feel the bite and sting, the world can be so cold, I play back everything you say, my friend
You can tip toe on the line of madness, just be sure to watch your step at night. Creeping up beside you little mistress, they're coming to take your mind, coming to take your mind
Freaks Like Us
You and me drunk in a parking lot, trying to keep cool so we don't get caught, act like we're kids even though we're not, this feels perfect
Ready or Not
Here I am trying to be romantic, broken down beside the moving traffic, I can't even buy you nothing fancy, I can't even fix this worn out Chevy
Paris TX
Look at you, looking at me, tell me who I'm supposed to be, beat myself til no one sees the scars. Stay up late and drink too much, buzzing angel city dust, I don't wanna feel the way we are
Angel City Dust
Seventeen, we fell into it instantly, you were always next to me, like that's how we were meant to be. We grew up, built a little home for us but hidden underneath the dust, the shadows of a broken trust
Better With You
Waking up to the sounds of the freeway, gotta fix that window when I get paid, no sleep cause I'm working two jobs, caffeine but it's never enough. Turn the key stereo from my iphone, fraffic jam but I know every side road, funning late so I'm sending that text, no stress, just the way that it is
La Cienega
Temptation is you whispering, your fingertips all over me. Laid me down, I worship you, patiently tell me what do
Only For Us
Tried to run away didn't get too far, tripped over the pavement and fell apart, I know I can't explain it but cross my heart, I swear I always loved you, from the beginning
Wish that I was somewhere else, anywhere but right here, can't look you in the eyes now, yeah I hate this, I hate this, I hate this, I hate this
All the things I wanted in my life I never needed, all the things I wanted in my life I never needed, but still I work myself down to the bone until I'm bleedin', still I work myself down to the bone until I'm bleedin'. Wake up every morning like there's no such thing as sunshine and if one more person tells me "Everything is alright", I think I'll lose my mind
We got in a fight, it's probably my fault, don't wanna admit I did something wrong, scream and we shout, don't know what about, storm out the house and get in the car (I took it too far)
Around the Curve
Armor on the way up, hit me on the low, low, I'm about to blow up, you don't even know. Flyin' on a fast train, arigato, I'm about to blow up, you don't even know
I woke up this morning, kinda out of my head, kicked off all the covers and I made up the bed, still don't feel okay but that's the way that it is but I'll give it all I got when I got nothing to give
Everyday I Do a Little Better
I thought that you were perfect, my work of art. Trapped under your spell got me seeing stars, but you were just a poison down my spine, caught in your distortion, blurred the lines. I can feel the venom stoppin' my heart
Unlock the front door, crooked little smile, you tell me that you're all alone, nobody's comin' home for a while
I am another missing metaphor, soaking in the bitterness of last resorts. You, have always been a heart that's turned, you, you, keep coming back for more, keep coming back for more
Lights out, filtered through the echo lust of night sounds, this is getting dangerous, oh, why now, temperature is rising, and I don't want to feel the things I feel
The Silent Ones
I stare, frozen at the sight of you, you're there, golden in the living room, yes, this is where I confess
I see how you're looking at me, there's a shiver running down your spine, one touch, you're a million degrees, girl, you know I'm gonna take my time. I'll show what it's like to be this good and make you feel the way you know you should, just give in to the ecstasy, let me show you what it's like to fly
Lie awake, the bed is cold, I've tried, but I can't sleep alone, it's been so long, but I can't let go, so I don't
One Wish
Took a breath when you hit the surface Comin' up, never made a sound. How the hell could you look so perfect? Comin' up, gonna take me down
Get You Alone
Dark, fell into you in the dark, the static moment your fingertips, my hands, your hips all night. Lips, I love the taste of your lips, your body moving in close to me, your energy inside
Bad Love
Park on a winding road, bury the evidence, kiss me and kill me slow; your kiss is the deadliest
Take Me to Heaven
I've been lyin' to myself, I've been lyin' to everyone, they all believe me when I say "everything's cool", even when it's not. Why did I even come here? I don't even wanna make small talk, I said 'hello' now I'm leavin', gonna go home, might get a little drunk
You Don't Know What It's Like
I get the sense of frantic lack of mental clarity, I lose the fragile chains I hold to my reality, can't feel my heartbeat, I can't do it anymore, once I could feel things, I can't feel it anymore, so I get small inside myself, I hollow out my core and interacting with the world becomes a massive chore
Step up, step up, you're not ready for what's coming. Get up, get up, you better, better start running
We were young, dumb & free, where nothing could touch us, whatever we wanted was ours for the keep, the days that we'd waste into nights getting faded
Sippin' on a Summer Wave
I will not wake up yet again with the shadow of everything, I will not do this anymore, I don't care what it takes, I don't care what I have to do, but I will not be a victim of this anymore.
I have tried countless f**king times to get out from under it, but this time it has to stick because I will not do this anymore, I will not allow myself to be crushed by this darkness
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