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Can you name all songs from The Score from the first lyrics of their songs
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Last updated: September 25, 2022
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I can barely hear a sound, it's faded, all the words you used to say. Tried to keep me down, I'm elevated, no more rain on this parade
Can You Hear Me Now
It's taking all of, it's taking all of me to fight when I can't breathe, yeah, it's taking all of, it's taking all of me
All of Me
Remember the days we were young and were thriving, the world was a street light that flickered like diamonds, now we're too busy just trying to survive and we lost all the feelings that made us alive
I've been running all night, running all night, I've been running all night, running all night
Running All Night
Take a trip inside my head, leave your sticks and stones, broken bones, I'm left for dead but still I carry on. When I am down, I carry on
Carry On
Trying to make it through the darkness in a world that's heartless, this place is taking all of me. I need to learn to flip the pages, running through these mazes, the road is getting hard to see
Run out of words to say, you're broken down and tired, I know this world can make us feel so small sometimes, it's hard to know where the right way goes
Am I diseased or am I just over critical? All I see is someone hypocritical, 'cause I can't be who I want sometimes
I can't be everything that you want me to, fill my mind up with silly dreams is all I seem to do and people look like they're specks of dust when you're this high off the ground, I'll do my best not to let you down, so feet don't fail me now cause
When it's four in the morning, when it comes without warning, the silence drags you down under the tide. When your whole world is jaded, when your colors are faded and nothing but your shadow's on your side
I'm a saint and I'm a sinner, I'm a loser and a winner, without faith and a believer, I am true and the deceiver. I'm a hero and a villain, I'm a myth, and I'm a legend, without strength and a contender, I am real and not pretend, yeah
Who I Am
It's not just a phase, now let me explain, I'm working through some sh*t, sometimes I'm medicated. It's hard to relay the thoughts in my brain, I'm working for a life that's not domesticated
Tongue tied, dreams die we all lose our way. We have fears, shed tears and we carry our mistakes
Money Run Low
Play until my fingers hurt, write until I find the words (Oh woah oh, oh woah oh). So much that I wanna say before the moment slips away (Oh woah oh, oh woah oh)
On and On
Oh my love, let me be your fire, we're a thousand miles up and I'm 'bout to get higher, feel my heart beating out my chest, you're the only prayer I need to make me feel blessed
Oh My Love
Lost track of the times when I felt the pain, but every time that I reached for the sky I felt a rush of blood in my veins and the wheels turned inside my brain, they ain't takin' over, over. I'm fighting the lows that creep in my mind, I try to remember that life is a ride, down one minute next one you're high, like a wave crashing into the night, they ain't takin' over
So tired of comparisons, tryna learn the lesson and I've fallen every time that I do, the chemicals inside my brain never let me feel the pain, pushing me to see the truth
In My Bones
Pressure, pressure calls my name, I think it's time that I should push it back and entertain it. I measure, measure in my brain all of the times that I've been, too afraid, it's time to change it
Under The Pressure
Take me down to your paradise, won't believe until I see the light, break me out, make me so alive, I'm craving you like I need a high
The Heat
I don't ever wanna be someone who will never recognize themself, I don't ever wanna be someone hollow from the inside out, this could be all we've been looking for, this could be all we've been waiting for
Don't Wanna Be
Save my soul, lost in a shadow, need a miracle, locked in a battle, I was on my own living in yesterday, yeah
Something New
Don't know how I was getting by without you here, you rescued me and opened up my eyes. Now I just want to make your demons disappear, to be the one who keeps you safe at night, yeah
Where Do You Run?
I've had this image in my head, since I was just a little kid lost in daydreams, rusting out from all the sweat, but I can see myself for the first time so clearly
I'll be the place you run to hide, the heart when you need to fight, a flickering flame when you need to light all of your nights. If gravity fails, you start to fall, I'll be there to catch you if I have to crawl, I'll color your world when you're feeling dull, I'll paint it all, yeah
Livin' Right
I know you're out there somewhere waiting, I know the stars can hear us praying, I know you're out there somewhere waiting for our love, for our love
Where You Are
Lately I've been thinking everyone around me is insane, march in single file cause I'm thinking that it's the only way. But I'm never gonna fall in line, never gonna live life color blind, living between all the black and white, oh. Lately I've been thinking that there is something wrong inside my brain
You can't know up till you've been down, you can't take off tied to the ground, you can't live days scared of the night and if it's dark don't mean there's no light
Going Home
Sink your teeth in, I love the bite, I crave it every single night. Play with matches, I know it kills, walkin' on your wire only for the thrills
Speak of the Devil
In my head I hear a million conversations, I'm spinning out, don't wake me up until the end, the rivers flowing in denial I can't fake it, I'm paranoid that all my thoughts are all my friends
I walk these streets; I don't walk on water, mistakes I've made taught me to be stronger, shackled in chains, by the monsters I've made, trying to the walk the line, but the line it don't pay, I walk these streets; I don't walk on water
I can be a liar, I can be a cheat, I can be neurotic, I can be a freak, I can be everything in between, but you always find the best part, the best part of me
Best Part
I'm a savage, I'm a fighter, making noise in these streets. Haymakers like a fire, throwing hooks to a beat
The Champion
Monster in my head, time to write my scripture, tear into my heart need to paint a picture, praying that my faith won't let me down. Cut into my soul, there's a world wide open, look up at the stars trying to find my moment, push it til I break, or the clock runs out
Lately I've been feeling so alone, can someone give the antidote to me so I can finally understand where I belong, the world outside to me is like an ocean and I can't swim, I'm losing my grip caught up in the current, won't drown in this ship, I can't swim, I'm starting to slip, I'm running out of breath, I'm scared to death
Head Up
I feel it in my bones, the way I hit the lows, everyday felt like a rollercoaster, consumed by all the noise, I had to make a choice, I threw my demons over my shoulder
Top of the World
Was never one for letting go, it felt like everybody had to let me know, what the hell you doing kid? All the plans you're making getting way too big
Big Dreams
I've been trying to break away, free myself from yesterday, nothing's gonna hold me down. Tired of this static noise, think it's time to make a choice, let go of the old me now
Pull the Cord
No more running from mistakes, no more running from my demons, I've been trying to catch lightning searching for meaning
Good to be Alive
I don't wanna be just another face in the crowd, keeping quiet when this voice inside was meant to be loud, sick and tired of these people trying to push us around
Goodbye to my enemies, to my enemies, they try to beat me but I won't surrender, fear won't be the death of me, de-de-death of me, I won't go quietly into the night
Tell me it's a simulation, I'll go wherever you go, tryna find stimulation, be the light in the dark that grows
I'm a dreamer but it's getting hard take it, some nights dunno if I'm gonna make it, heart is heavy but there's nothing that can break me down. Cold blooded, like the world outside that made me shine bright from the fire that it gave me, breathe in think it's time to write my story now
In My Blood
Give me the lights, give me the hate, give me the pressure, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, pain is pleasure, I hear the wolves calling my name, no surrender, here only the strong survive
Shrug us off our shoulders, we don't do what they told us, so I don't wanna be another face in the crowd, so I can't slow it down, no, so I can't slow it down, no
Never Going Back
Here we go, here we go, it's about time that we set it off. Here we go, here we go, red lights, I could never stop
Tell me can you see me now? While you were busy lost in the crowd, I was busy making myself into someone free from doubts, I was down and left on the shelf, I wanted a story to tell
Only One
I've been up, I've been down, seen the world from the ground, but I hear the drumming, now my veins are pumping. Scraped my knees, bruised my heart, it's where you end, not where you start, I see them running, cause they see me coming
There's a moment in your bones when, when the fire takes over. Blood is running, heart is pumping as the battle gets closer. Ooh, they can say what they want now. Ooh, cause we'll be screaming out
All my wolves, begin to howl, wake me up, the time is now. Oh, can you hear the drumming? Oh, there's a revolution coming
It′s two o'clock on the edge of the morning, she′s running magical circles around my head, I hitch a ride on a dream she's driving. She turns to kiss me, I crash back into bed, across the street on a grayed out Monday. I see the girl with the eyes I can't describe and suddenly it′s a perfect Sunday and everything is more real than life
We all got our bad days, bad days, but throw them in the back seat ya. The world can be a sad place, sad place, so why don't you throw it the back seat, show 'em what you can be
Bad Days
I've been lying to myself at night, thinking everything is alright. Ya I get lost in this state of mind, losing my words got me got me got me tongue tied, doubt myself and I don't know why, I wish I wasn't this person sometimes, I make mistakes but I think it's just fine, it's just fine, and I tell myself...
My brain is a one way train and I'm 'bout to ride it out, octane running through these veins, burning all my fears down, today, yeah, the cycle breaks, it's time to change the rules now, here I go, here I go
I feel a shiver ripple down my spine, it cuts like a river and lets me know it's time
Run Like a Rebel
It's feeding time in the jungle, jungle, the cold streets, yeah, they come alive, ain't a time to be humble, humble, cause only the strong survive
I'm a bullet from a gun and my heart is the trigger, when I was just a kid I would dream I was bigger, if you wanna make a name better stand and deliver, 'cause there's a price we pay, every loser and winner
Can't Stop Me Now
I don't do this for the riches, I'm infected, my condition is I'm always in my head. These words are my religion, I'm obsessed, it's by decision, I'ma do this till I'm dead
I'm checking my vital signs, drawing my battle lines, going to war again. Feeling the rhythm inside of my chest, all I need is just a pen, I know, I was born for this, I know, I was born for this
Born For This
This is not another story, this is not another drill, I refuse to be another number now, never staying down, this is something real
Knock me down, all the demons creepin' in, oh, another round tradin' shots with my ego, runnin', can't help me now, your chains only drag me down
The Fear
I'm trippin on my words and my patience, writing every verse in a cadence, to tell you how I feel, how I feel, how I feel, this is how I deal, how I deal, how I deal
You knew I'm not your type but still you let me stay, I must be drinking too much, trying to win this game, I thought I love you from the moment that we met, too blind to see you were a bullet to my head
Dancing Shoes
Put your hand on my chest so you can feel this heart hurting, our love was on fire but then you made it stop burning, I thought I knew the rules but now I guess I'm still learning, 'cause you were the one who made my whole world stop turning
You're a long way from California, the way you smile, I know you're new, it's not warm like Arizona, but damn, I'm glad that I met you
Don't Wanna Wake Up
So hold on no matter what, we'll take our bruises and our bumps, but know until kingdom come, you're not alone. And if this world goes up in flames, just take my hand, don't be afraid, I'll fight for you until my days on Earth are done, 'cause two hearts are better than one
Better Than One
Fear is just a word 'til you feel it in your bones, try to sleep, I feel my body shake, the shiver down my spine, yeah it gets me every time, when I think I just saw your face
Lost You
I'm tired of dreaming, when all I believe in seems far away, I'm tired of staying. This town has no meaning unless it's us leaving, pick up today, make our escape
Real Life
My heart is made of wax, just like these wings I've fixed, I strapped them to my back, doomed from the start of it, you're the sun in my sky, can't seem to reach you still, I keep on flying high knowing it's probably gonna kill me, kill me
Catching Fire
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