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5442022-07-02The 100 Greatest Philosophers
2252021-09-06Guess the IRON MAIDEN Song
1412021-05-17Guess the METALLICA Song
1212021-08-28Fast Typing Celeb Names
1012021-08-27Most Popular Cars of all time
922022-07-03Countries That Start and End With the Same Letter
742021-08-30Most Popular Car Brands (2020)
732021-08-30Countries Donald Trump Visited
662021-08-26Most Popular Bands of all time
632021-08-23Artists with most No.1 Albums
602021-08-21The 100 Greatest Brits
582021-05-15Queen Albums Quiz
532021-09-02Most Covered Songs of all time
522021-08-21Guess the BEATLES Song
502021-08-22Help! (The Beatles) - Lyrics
462021-09-01Best-Selling Albums in the US
452021-08-23Artists with most No.1 Songs
452021-08-31Countries Barack Obama Visited
422021-05-16Guess the BON JOVI song
402021-08-20Guess the Age of these People
352021-08-2310-Letter Words Quiz
352022-07-0912-Letter Words Quiz
322021-08-245-Letter Words Quiz
322021-08-29Every Beatles No.1
292021-08-26In Which Decade?
272021-08-01Most Streamed Song by Artist (on Spotify) #1
272021-08-31Unscramble Band Names
252021-09-03Best-Selling Albums of the 21st Century (by Year)
252021-09-02Endangered Species A-Z
252021-08-29Song Title Translation - Italian
242021-08-23Territories by Country
212021-08-24Who Released this Album?
182021-09-01Artist by Song #1
182022-06-3019th Century European History
162021-08-22When Were They Born?
162021-08-22Most Downloaded Android Games
92021-08-15Most Streamed Song by Artist (on Spotify) #2
92022-07-05The Doors Songs by Lyrics
52021-05-17Bon Jovi Albums Quiz
32022-07-08Every Wings Song