Geometry Dash-General Knowledge #2

The sequel 8) I made it a little easier and harder at the same time :D
Quiz by IceIceIceIceIce
Last updated: October 15, 2017
First submittedJune 30, 2017
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On December 27, 2014, a relatively new player called Riot beat his first demon on the Steam version of Geometry Dash. What was that level by Noobas called?
Valley of Dreams
Yatagarasu was designed to be the "legendary demon", never vanquished. It now sits at number 3 below Sonic Wave and what other level?
The first level in the Demon Gauntlet is Sidestep. Who made that level?
When Surv took on the role of becoming verifier of Yatagarasu, Manix648's part was removed. ViPriN made a creator contest for someone's part to get added to the final level. Who won that contest?
Who was the first person to ever surpass Silent Clubstep legitimately in practice mode?
A player called IIINePtunEIII was one of the most popular creators from 1.5 to 1.9, before quitting in 2.0. What is considered his hardest demon created?
In 2.0, well-known creator Rob Buck created an immensly object-heavy extreme demon using the song "Tuxedo Lightsaber Battle" by F-777. It was verified by BoldStep. What is the level called?
Who is the first person to ever beat both Erebus and Yatagarasu?
In early 2.1, Krazyman50 verified the extreme demon Black Blizzard. Who was the first to beat the level after Krazyman50? HINT: He was a very prominent 60hz player in 1.9 to late 2.1, although he has now switched to 144hz?
When extreme demon Bloodbath was verified back in 1.9, it had an Easter egg at 98% where a player could go above the GG and triple spike at the end of the level. The Easter egg was dedicated to whom?
Fill the blank: Supersonic, Ultrasonic, Hypersonic, ____sonic?
In extreme demon Yatagarasu by TrusTa and more, which creator's part was the only part to have a swing-copter/hover ball/helicopter mode in the entire level?
Big Geometry Dash YouTuber EricVanWilderman verified and published a megacollab which featured creators such as Knobbelboy, Rustam and Darwin. What was the level called?
Subterranean Animism
Don't Rate This Level is a joke level by Krazyman50 with bland gameplay and purposely misspelt lyrics for comedy. Which song by TheFatRat is used in this level?
The Calling
On the last part of Acropolis, Zobros put a ___ mode which the player had to navigate a narrow passageway between the ceiling and Zobros's name.
Level 47
Jul 5, 2017
Yes, I do know that Funnygame's part in Yatagarasu has a swing-copter, but that doesn't count as the gameplay mechanics works as a regular ball/mini-ball.
Level 50
Aug 4, 2017
Subterranean Animism not Subterranean Aminism. Otherwise a really nice quiz imo
Level 50
Oct 14, 2017
Ok, so SrGuill's no longer 60hz, he has now 144hz, so maybe update the hint to something like "was known as the 60hz god" because let's be honest, he was a god with 60hz.

Also, make a third one, these are really fun! :D

Level 21
Oct 29, 2017
Wasn't the first person to beat Yatagarasu Surv?
Level 47
Nov 4, 2017
Yes, he beat it one day after it came out (lol) but before he was the verifier of Yatagarasu before passing it on to TrusTa after he quit.