English Words from Arabic

See if you can guess some of the most popular English words that came from Arabic
Quiz by Elios
Last updated: May 20, 2021
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A naval military commander
Admiral أمير البحر
Another word for "brick"
Adobe الطوبة
The predecessor of Chemistry
Alchemy الكيمياء
Found in beer and wine and spirits
Alcohol الكحول
One of the main branches of mathematics
Algebra الجبر
A process or set of rules in calculations or operations, especially by a computer
Algorithm الخوارزمي
A chemical compound that neutralizes acids and turns litmus blue
Alkali القالي
A calendar containing dates and statistics such as astronomical data and tide tables
Almanac المناخ
Another word for ammunition or a collection of weapons stored
Arsenal دار الصناعة
A hired killer
Assassin حشاشين
The internal diameter or bore of a gun barrel
Caliber قالب
One of the largest states of the United States of America
California خليفة
A unit of measurement used in gold and diamonds and other jewelry
Carat قيراط
What you say when you have defeated someone in chess
Checkmate شاه مات
Another word for "zero," and it also means "code" or a secret way of writing
Cipher صفر
A drink that makes you alert
Coffee قهوة
A white plant used for fabric and clothes
Cotton قطن
Third planet from the Sun
Earth أرض
Another word for "deer"
Gazelle غزال
Reproduce (a message, sound, or transmission) in a confused and distorted way
Garble غربل
Mammal with a long neck
Giraffe زرافة
A musical instrument with strings
Guitar القيثار
Another stringed instrument of music
Lute العود
Water pipe for smoking
Hookah حُقة
The name of a flower and a princess in Disney's Aladdin
Jasmine ياسمين
Another word for "struggle" or an arduous effort
Jihad جهاد
Another word for "danger"
Hazard النرد
Popular citrus fruits
Lemon ليمون
Lime ليم
Popular citrus fruits
Tangerine طنجة
A chamber for holding cartridges to be fed to the breech of a gun
Magazine مخازن
You cover your face with it
Mask and Mascara مسخرة
A service that involves touching and rubbing the body for therapy and relaxation
Massage مس
Dead Egyptian Pharaohs wrapped in white tape
Mummy مومياء
You use a bat to play baseball, and you use a _______ to play tennis
Racket راحة اليد
An expedition to observe or hunt animals in their natural habitat
Safari سفر
A cloth ribbon
Sash شاش
A fizzy drink
Soda سوداء
Goes into many sweets
Sugar سكر
a thick sweet liquid, like the one you put on pancakes or to get rid of your cough
Syrup شراب
A tax on imports
Tariff تعرفة
A tropical storm in the region of the Indian or western Pacific oceans
Typhoon طوفان
1 - 1 = ____
Zero صفر
Level 76
May 20, 2021
Nice quiz. But earth does not come from Arabic, the words' similarity is just coincidence.
Level 71
May 21, 2021
A gazelle is not another word for deer. Gazelles are their own breed of animals including antilopes and springboks e.g