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2,3652023-02-13Name a Valid Middle East Country
1,0782022-06-24Official Country Names by First Two Letters
9282022-11-29Most Guessed Megacities
8942022-11-29Canine or Feline
7102023-01-13Symbols of Bad Luck
4972022-03-25Basketball True or False
4792023-08-15Badly Drawn Minecraft Mobs
3902022-05-08Minecraft by Letter-C
2662023-02-06Sea Animals by Picture
2172022-12-05Badly Described Sports
1792022-02-22Countries Where You Have to Type in Another Country Before Getting It
1602023-01-31Countries that Border Kurdistan
1602021-08-02Minecraft by letter-A
1552022-05-21Sky Full of Stars - Coldplay
1462022-12-04Badly Described Jobs
1192023-09-11U.S First Ladies still alive
1162022-02-22U.S Presidents Still Alive
1132022-02-22Common Zoo Animals
1112021-08-24Minecraft by letter-D
1112022-12-14A Quiz About Swimming
1082022-09-20Pirate Speech Click Quiz
1062022-02-22JetPunk Levels With the Most Users
1052022-08-10Venomous or Poisonous?
892021-07-06Poll: Octopedes, Octopuses, or Octopi?
892021-08-17Greek Mythology Races
862022-01-23Random Capitals in Their Native Language
862022-02-17Minecraft by Letter-E
852022-12-14Least Guessed Country for Every Letter
842021-10-16Board Games by Picture
842022-05-08Name an island country that…
832021-08-21Countries whose capital has the same name as the country
782021-08-03Minecraft by letter-B
732021-11-22Pokémon by Category, Weight, and Height.
722021-07-22Megacities in Europe
722021-07-06U.S. presidential election 2020 republican or democrat?
712022-02-22Lord of the Rings-Who Killed Who?
712021-07-27Modern day countries bordering Czechoslovakia
692021-10-29Minecraft by Letter-J
662022-12-20Minecraft… or Roblox
632022-03-02Megacities that are capitals
632021-08-22Minecraft by Letter-F
622021-10-20Fast Typing: One to One Hundred-No Numbers
612021-08-16Bugs by Three Clues
612021-10-20“ee” Letters
592022-03-02Megacities in China
582021-08-02Natural Minecraft Sheep colors
582022-02-17Minecraft by Letter-G
572022-12-08Canine or Feline #2
572022-02-22Countries to Continent
562021-06-18Numbers in Spanish 1-10
552021-10-25Random Border Crossings Quiz
552021-10-27Minecraft by Letter-H
532022-05-20Minecraft by Letter-I
532021-06-09Fruits and Vegetables by Picture
522021-06-08Lord of the Rings Weapons
512021-07-17Name an Indonesian island A-Z
502021-09-22How to Make a Blog
502021-06-17Alphabet hopping
502021-12-08Most Densely Populated Island Countries
502022-03-19Bleeding Out Lyrics - Imagine Dragons
482021-10-28Minecraft End Mobs
472023-03-20Which Tectonic Plate is that Country On?
472021-08-15U.S. Presidents Succeeded by a Democrat
472021-07-28Modern day countries of the Hittite Empire
462021-06-14Animals P-Z
462021-06-12Countries of North America with two or more words
452021-10-06Arachnids by Picture
442021-06-14Animals A-O
442021-06-14Animals by letter-A
442022-05-06Countries of South America in Morse Code - Map Quiz
432021-07-20U.S Vice Presidents still alive
432021-06-12Countries of Africa with two or more words
432021-06-19Countries with research stations on Antarctica
422021-06-09Stages of a Butterfly
412021-09-20Elements that Don’t End in M
412021-07-30The four cardinal directions
412021-08-11Summer Olympics host Megacities
412021-08-12Countries of the Indian Subcontinent by Population
402021-07-22Megacities in Africa
402022-03-02Megacities in South America
402021-07-22Megacities in North America
402023-07-17The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes - All Deaths
402021-10-30Countries that Touched the Equator in 1945
392022-05-21Am I Wrong - Nico and Vinz
392021-07-15Flags of the Horn of Africa
392021-06-30Minecraft mobs that drop food
382021-07-22Megacities in India
382021-08-11Landlocked Countries with Two or More Words
382021-06-14Alphabetical Ranking 1#
372022-02-20Most Populous JetPunk Empires
372021-06-12Countries, Seas, and Oceans bordering the Horn of Africa
372021-08-18Animals With Spots-Picture Quiz
362021-07-20Non-Island Caribbean Countries
362021-08-21Five States of Matter
352021-07-22Megacities in Asia, with exceptions
342021-07-18US states that banned axolotls
342021-08-19How Many People?
342021-07-18Minecraft Zombie Variants
342021-08-15U.S. Presidents Succeeded by a Republican
342021-08-18Months with 31 days
332021-10-29Countries that Touched the Equator in 1914
332021-11-12Countries with More People than Quizmaster has Takes
332021-06-12Lord of the rings characters whose name is in a chapter title
332022-03-30Least-Guessed Megacities
332022-01-24Things I Don’t Like by Picture
332021-07-24Minecraft grown foods
332021-08-11Countries of Central America by Population
322021-09-22Minecraft Mobs That Only Spawn at a Structure
322021-07-25smallest Middle East countries
322021-06-16US states starting with New, North, South, or West
322021-07-20Indonesian Islands Bordering other countries
322021-08-18Lord of the rings places
312021-07-24Minecraft bosses
312021-08-18Countries Starting with Every Other Letter
312021-08-18Animals With Stripes-Picture Quiz
312021-08-09Types of instruments
302022-11-29Fifty Random Flags
302021-06-16Countries Alphabetically-A
302022-05-06Fictional Creatures A-Z #1
292023-01-24Large Countries with Small Coastlines
292022-06-25All Star Wars Inquisitors
292021-07-30Minecraft flying mobs
292021-10-26Cities with Internet in 1969
292023-01-24“M” Terms in Math
292021-07-06Provinces that border Quebec
292021-07-22Types of galaxies
282021-08-29Name the Rocky Planets
282022-11-27FIFA World Cup 2022 Country Shapes
282021-06-27college basketball undefeated teams
282021-08-12Hairdos by Picture
282021-08-02Minecraft flowers
272021-08-11US presidents without a VP (Vice President)
272021-08-03Minecraft biomes with tall mushrooms
272023-01-11Country Names with the Most Consonants
262021-07-25Future Olympic host cities
262021-06-11Countries of South America spelled backwards
262021-08-19Minecraft Heads
262023-05-25Minecraft Ocean Mobs
262021-06-14A random handful of Capitals to Country 3#
262021-07-06The first neighbor alphabetically-US states
262021-07-26Is it landlocked?
262022-11-28Minecraft real mobs
262022-02-22A Random Handful of Capitals to Country
252021-06-24Battleship ships
252021-08-18Months with 30 days
252021-08-19Minecraft Stones
242021-07-06Canadian four corners
242021-10-26Australian States and Territories by First Two Letters
242021-06-28US states currently in a drought
242021-08-29Name the Gas Giants
242021-06-27Countries of the World general knowledge
242021-08-03Minecraft arthropods
242022-02-22When Was That Minecraft Block Released?-Multiple Choice
242021-08-03Minecraft Pufferfish effects
232021-08-03Guess the Flag by mountain range
232021-07-07The first neighbor alphabetically-Countries
232022-03-02Megacities-One Minute Sprint-No Map
222021-09-26The Otter quiz
222022-11-06Random Harry Potter Quiz
222021-10-29Us State Trees
222021-08-10Ten largest Canadian islands not in Nunavut
222021-07-15Random Minecraft Mob by description
212021-06-18Countries Entirely in the Southern Hemisphere (Oceania)
212021-08-03Potions carried by Minecraft witches
202021-08-02Minecraft wood
202021-06-18Countries entirely in the Southern Hemisphere (Africa)
192022-03-29Most Guessed Chinese Provinces
192023-05-10Minecraft neutral mobs
192021-09-20Australian Flags with the Union Jack
192021-07-25Minecraft non-naturally spawning mobs
192021-07-26Words in Scarecrow
192021-08-15Most common allergens
192021-08-04Minecraft elder guardian drops
182022-11-03Random Empire to Leader-DOTJE
182021-06-19Name that tree!
182021-07-20Whig Presidents of the U.S
182021-07-25African Seven Wonders
182021-06-10A random handful of capitals to country 2#
182021-06-18Countries Entirely in the Southern Hemisphere (South America)
182023-04-19Minecraft headpieces
182021-07-15Russian Cities that appear on my globe
182021-06-18Letters spelled out (a-o)
182022-11-01JetPunk True or False
172021-07-20North American Caribbean countries
172021-08-03Minecraft witch drops
172021-08-28Trace the Coast of Hispaniola
172021-07-15Lyrics to Grand Old Flag
172021-07-255 most recent Olympic Host cities
162021-06-20Flag origins
162022-02-22A Random Handful of Countries to Capital #2
162021-07-16Flags of Indochina
162021-08-21Colorado and Wyoming - Tell the difference
162023-01-19Largest Russian Cities Containing “K”
162021-09-1910 to 1 Letter Word Chain.
152021-10-29US State Fish
152023-01-23Largest Russian Cities Containing “V”
152021-07-22California Native American Tribes
152021-06-18Letters spelled out (P-Z)
152021-06-26Greek myth king to city
152021-06-12Lord of the Rings Chapters (Book 1)
142021-07-20South American Caribbean Countries
142021-09-08MiecraftMan’s General Knowledge
142021-07-15Jetpunk by images
142022-06-19Star Wars Character to Species
142021-08-10Minecraft Ocean Structures
142022-05-06North American Countries by Morse Code - Map Quiz
142021-06-15Name the mortal engines books
132021-07-05Numbers at the end of Popular Jetpunker’s names
132022-11-03Least Populated Jetpunk Empires
132021-07-15Which continents has that Jetpunker not visited?
132022-02-22US 2020 Presidential Election Candidates
122021-07-20Quizmaster by images
122021-07-06Provinces and territories that Border Manitoba
122021-07-24Minecraft summoned mobs
122021-06-26US State mottos
112021-07-24Minecraft transformed mobs
112021-06-22Who made that quiz?
102022-03-29Watery Planets/Moons in Our Solar System by Picture
102021-07-12Bigfoot in different countries
102021-06-12South America: Capital hopping
102022-02-22The 22nd of Each Month in 2021
102021-07-25US state dogs
102022-07-13EVERY JetPunker with a Used JetPunk Interesting Fact
102021-08-29Carnivorous Plants by Picture
92021-06-10A random handful of countries to capital
92021-07-11Major lines of Latitude
92021-06-12Lord of the rings chapters (book 2)
92021-07-30Us state flags only blue and yellow
92022-03-15Top three jetpunkers by first three letters 1#
82021-07-30Types of coral reefs
82021-06-25Stratego pieces
82021-06-12Lord of the rings chapters (book 3)
82021-06-12A random handful of countries to capital 3#
82021-07-06Provinces (and territories) that border Alberta
82022-03-09Words Without A, E, I, O, U, or Y.
72021-09-20Hibernates or Migrates?
72021-07-23Stan flags with stars
72021-07-25Us state horses
72021-07-06Provinces and territories that border Saskatchewan
62022-03-29Cities Where Famous Alien Sightings Took Place
62021-07-24Canadian flags with the Union Jack
62022-02-22Top Ten JetPunk Users
62021-07-22Company Mottos
52023-01-24Types of Lists
52021-10-09Biggest Cities not on the World Clock
52021-10-07MiecraftMan’s General Knowledge #2
52021-06-12Lord of the rings chapters (book 4)
52022-03-29Animals of the Mariana Trench
52021-07-06Provinces and territories that border Northwest Territories
42021-08-13Countries of the World in Hawaiian
42022-05-20Arabian Nights Stories by Clue
42022-02-23Virtues of the Indian Flag
42022-05-06Countries of Oceania in Morse Code - Map Quiz
42022-03-15Top three jetpunkers by first three letters 2#
42021-07-30Ias with countries
42021-08-18Lord of the rings chapters (Book 5)
42021-08-18Lord of the rings chapters (book 6)
32021-08-18Featured Quizzes with the Easy Tag
22021-07-12Stars in the Little Dipper
12021-07-11Stars in Pegasus
12021-07-10Stars in the Big Dipper