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472021-05-26Skillet - Monster (All Lyrics)
432021-06-08Skillet - Comatose (All Lyrics)
352021-06-02Skillet - Whispers In The Dark (All Lyrics)
262021-07-14Skillet - Falling Inside the Black (All Lyrics)
202021-05-24Skillet - Hero (All Lyrics)
182021-05-27Skillet - Awake and Alive (All Lyrics)
172021-06-05Skillet - Save Me (All Lyrics)
162021-06-08Skillet - The Resistance (All Lyrics)
162021-06-13Skillet - Sick of It (All Lyrics)
152021-06-05Skillet - Victorious (All Lyrics)
142021-05-27Skillet - You Ain’t Ready (All Lyrics)
142021-05-29Skillet - Not Gonna Die (All Lyrics)
142021-06-02Skillet - Legendary (All Lyrics)
132021-06-03Skillet - Saviors Of The World (All Lyrics)
122021-06-13Skillet - Back From The Dead (All Lyrics)
112021-06-08Skillet - Rebirthing (All Lyrics)
112021-06-03Skillet - Anchor (All Lyrics)
102021-07-15Ledger - Not Dead Yet (All Lyrics)
102021-07-15Skillet - Reach (All Lyrics)
92021-06-10Skillet - Undefeated (All Lyrics)
82021-08-18Fight the Fury - I Cannot (All Lyrics)
82021-09-04Gabrielle Aplin - Waking Up Slow (All Lyrics)
72021-07-23Fight the Fury - My Demons (All Lyrics)
72022-06-29Little Miss Perfect (All Lyrics)
62022-01-23Ledger - Warrior (All Lyrics)
62021-08-04Fight the Fury - Still Burning (All Lyrics)
62021-12-12Fight the Fury - Dominate Me (All Lyrics)
62021-08-03Ledger - Iconic (All Lyrics)
62021-07-23Ledger - Bold (All Lyrics)
52021-08-18Ledger - Ruins (All Lyrics)
52021-08-03Ledger - Foreigner (All Lyrics)
52021-06-06Skillet - Lions (All Lyrics)
42021-06-08Skillet - Stars (All Lyrics)
42021-08-26Fight the Fury - Lose Hold of It All (All Lyrics)